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Circe Family Tree

No description

Miguel Suarez

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Circe Family Tree

The Symbols
Circe has many symbols all of which are below:
The island of Aeaea
The Magic Staff
Magic Potion
Swine (Pigs)
A modern symbol is the Circe Meteor founded in 1855 and named after her.

Special Powers
Circe's special power is illustrated in Homer's Epic, The Odyssey. This special power is that she can turn people, mostly men into animals, and that she can turn people Immortal.
Circe's Story

Circe Family Tree
Parents: Titan Helios and Nymph Perseis
Siblings: Aeetes, Pasiphae
Husband: Greek Hero Odysseus
Offsprings: Faunus, Agrius, Latinus, Telegonus.
Circe invited Odysseus' crew to a feast of pottage of cheese and meal, the food was sweetened with honey and with wine. Circe also mixed the food with one of her magical potions, and she turned them all into pigs with a wand after they ate the food. Only Eurylochus, suspected she was doing something horrible, escaped to warn Odysseus and the others who had stayed behind at the ships. Odysseus went to rescue his men, but was intercepted by the messenger god, Hermes, who had been sent by Athena. Hermes told Odysseus to use the herb moly to protect himself from Circe's potion.
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