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No description

Patrick Chuen

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of UNIQLO

Electronic Transformation in Business Comp3710 CATURE A Original Business Model of Uniqlo Proposed e-commerce Business Model Revenue Model
Chan Wan Ying (09007636)
Ren Juen (09018239)
Lam Chi Yung (09012451)
Cho Wai Lun (09016538)
Ho Chun Chuen (09019286) Proposed e-commerce Business Model B2C – E-tailer Original Business Model of Uniqlo Project Presentation B2C – E-tailer Sales of Good Competitive Advantage - First Mover Advantage

- Ubiquity

- Interactivity

- Richness -clicks and mortar e-tailers -catalog merchants -Buy unique Uniqlo products online -Browse catelog -Directly interact with Uniqlo Online Opinion Form
(for evaluation of quality of products and service) - 24hrs a day - virtually anywhere - boost sales SLEPT factors -Social

-Legal and ethical



-Technological Porter’s Five Forces Analysis - Threft of Entry

- Threft of Rivalry

- Threft of Substitutes

- Threft of Supplies

- Threft of Buyers SWOT Analysis - Strengths

- Weaknesses

- Opportunities

- Threfts E-Business Stragery E-business Technology Shopping Cart Ordering Method Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Impact after implementing our idea -Acquiring New Customers
- Targeting New Markets
- Sell More to Existing Customers
- Increase Average Order Size
- Cross-channel Marketing - Change the quantity
- Delete an item
- Enter the changes to order
- Return to the previous page
- Checkout Sell online, pick up in stores
Buy in store, offer free shipping UNIQLO: Development process of System: 1.Problem Identification
2. Feasibility study
3. Initial Data Model
4. Source input
5. Output design
6. Design test plan
7 .Debugging Demonstration Q & A Please feel free to ask :)
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