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Funky Christmas Jumpers

No description

James McElroy

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Funky Christmas Jumpers

Established in 2008
No.1 destination for Christmas Jumpers internationally.
Today Funky Christmas Jumpers has a cult celebrity following
International website & 2 pop-up shops
Funky Christmas Jumpers
DT364/4 Consumer Behaviour
Shane Clarke
Graham Clarke
Patrick Costello
Richard Cullen
James McElroy
Clodagh O'Mahony
Kevin O'Neill
Tara O'Neill
Grace O'Riordan

- Fabio Molle, Co-founder FCJ
Product Range
Celebrity e-Fluencers
Experiential Theory
Brief History
"Nowhere sold Christmas Jumpers
we wanted to solve this"
Target Market
Founded from the tradition
of 12 pubs of Christmas
Primary Target Market: Males/Females 18 - 35
Applicable to all markets (i.e. Families)

Selection of:
13 Adult Jumpers
3 Children Designs
Funky Christmas Socks & Hats
Elf Posters

Social Media

Product Expansion
Celebrity Endorsement
First Popup Shop
International expansion
Von Bismark Partnership
Further development of its product line
Improved Operational Efficiency
"Seasonal" Expansion
Highest Sales recorded
Developed App
"Create a fun Viral Experience by bringing their online experience in-store"
Marketing Strategy
Traditional Marketing is used to attract people to their Digital marketing strategies
Used Billboards and Stickers as a "Call to Action" - This Integrated both forms of Marketing
Digital Marketing is their primary and most effective form of Advertising
Use Facebook and Twitter to advertise their brand and generate media "Buzz", this was achieved through EWOM (Electronic word of Mouth)
40% of people entering their store have heard about them through Social Media
Facebook delivers the highest conversion rates to their site, (7%)
Business to consumer Communication
Targeted consumers through Email
Want to create a "Fun" aspect and Customer relationships
Von Bismark Partnership
November/December 2012 FCJ teamed up with Von Bismark.
Created an
virtual wardrobe, allowed customers share their experiences on Facebook.
In 5 weeks 5,146 users generated 526 pictures and nearly a million Facebook impressions.
Our FCJ Wardrobe app allows you to see what a selection of our jumpers look like on you and your friends.
Also allows you to send your jumper photos to your social media sites.
Due to a legal contract with Samsung the app was removed at the end of 2013.
Mobile Phone Application
Use a "Soft Sell" approach
Media Coverage
E-fluencers are funky christmas jumpers most important consumer as they can create a viral marketing buzz via social media
Best SME using Digital' at the 2013 Samsung Digital Media Awards.
Best Online PR' at the 2013 Bord Gais Energy Social Media Awards.
Nominated for Eircom Spiders in 2013

"Experiential marketing emphasizes consumer experiences that can provide emotional, behavioral and relational values"
(Schmitt, 1999)
Customers are seeking more than just the mundane B2C Experience
FCJ are exploiting this area of Consumer Behaviour by creating an experience through their Portable App and Interactive Wardrobe

They are Pioneers for E-Interactivity and are creating relationships with customers through various media platforms
Reference Groups
Reference groups are groups that consumers will look to for help in making purchasing decisions.
Also known as E-Influencers or Opinion Leaders
This can be done through Social Media & Media Coverage
"Word of Mouth is our best Strategy"
Fabio Molle, Co-Founder FCJ
FCJ are using celebrities such as Niall Horan as an Opinion Leader to influence Social Groups
This Strategy is supported by opinion leaders and E-Influencers in FCJ
FCJ have noticed that the key aspect in consumer behaviour is to keep customers motivated and Involved
FCJ's strategy towards this Consumer Behaviour theory is to keep their website updated, make their pop-up stores unique and extravagant.
Celebrities are their main outlet for motivation, FCJ's use them extensively to promote their products and create consumer motivation
"Consumer Involvement theory illustrates the notion that consumers are drawn towards forming strong relationships with products and services"
(Soloman, 2013)
FCJ's are involving customers by;
Making the buying and research process personal and memorable
Allowing customers to upload photos to the FCJ
page of their virtual Wardrobe experience
Launch App
We recommend that Funky Christmas Jumpers launch their App on the Google Play Store. This is a digital distribution platform for apps on Android and online electronics.

By doing this it enables customers to purchase products directly from the app increasing sales and ease of accessibility.

We believe this app will appeal to our target market as most teens and young adults have access to smart phones providing direct access to the App store.

Including a design feature will further create Involvement and Motivation amongst customers while extending the experiential aspect of FCJ
We recommend promoting FCJ’s on Pinterest
Pinterest is a Pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies.

By using Pinterest and blogs it is increasing our search engine optimization on Google yielding a larger target market.

Ultimately this will provide greater exposure to foreign markets resulting in higher sales and greater awareness.

FCJ have successfully created a Digital Marketing campaign that has specifically targeted Young teens and 18-35 year olds
Using Social Media and other online platforms has allowed them to effectively promote and inform customers of their new products
By successfully linking their strategy to Consumer Behaviour theories FCJ have launched and completed their Digital Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing Strategy
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