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The Script

ENJOY! (Created on November 13, 2013)

Kelly Deng

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of The Script

The Script
Introducing The Script's and nominations.
Glen Power
This is him
Danny O'Donoghue
This is him.
Mark Sheehan
This is him
About Mark Sheehan
Mark Sheehan is born on October 29, 1976. (age 37) He's Indie singer and guitarist, and born in Ireland. He has three children name Cameron, Avery and Lil with wife Rina Sheehan.
by:Kelly Deng
About Danny O'Donoghue
Danny O'Donoghue was born on October 3, 1980. (age 33) He's an Irish singer-songwriter known for being the front man of the Irish rock band The Script and as a coach on the television singing talent show The Voice UK. Danny O'Donoghue was born to Shay O'Donoghue, a member of the band 'The Dreams', and Ailish O'Donoghue. He is the youngest of six children and was raised in Ballinteer, Dublin. As a child, O'Donoghue was against the idea of being a musician; however, he ended up dropping out of school to pursue a musical career.
The Voice UK
Tom Jones
Jessie J
Danny O'Donoghue
In 2012 O'Donoghue made his first appearance in The Voice UK alongside Jessie J, will.i.am and Tom Jones as a coach. The decision was supported by bandmates Glen Power and Mark Sheehan, who said: "Danny did The Voice to put a face to The Script. We know about producing, song writing and performing – we’ve been doing it since we were 14 or 15. Danny on a show about singing was good for us. "
O'Donoghue's father died of a stomach aneurysm on 14 February 2008 at the age of 63. The rose tattoo on O'Donoghue's left arm is to commemorate the date. The song "If You Could See Me Now" from their album #3 is written in memory of him.
Personal life
About Glen Power
Glen Power is born on July 5, 1980. (age 33) He is an Indie pop drummer and occasionally provides background vocals in his band The Script. He was inspired to play the drums by his mother.
Brit Awards:

2011: Got nomination for Brit Award
2013: Got nomination for Brit Award
Teen Choice Awards:
2011: Got nomination for Teen Choice Award
World Music Awards:
2012: Got nomination for World Music Award
Songs by The Script
The Man Who Can't Be Moved
For The First Time
Good Ol' Days
Hall Of Fame
If You Can See Me Now
If You Ever Come Back
Rusty Halo
Science & Faith
Six Degrees Of Separation
Talk You Down
One of my favorite song from The Script
The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am
The reason why I picked this group
I picked this group of people because I've been listening them which they are an inspiring band. You can relate to what they feel inside their songs.
But I'm not done yet..
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