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Unityworks Training Institute

No description

Jessica Kerr

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Unityworks Training Institute

Culture and Communication
Day 4
Achievement and Opportunity Gaps
Day 5
Day 1
UnityWorks Training Institute
Yakima, Washington, USA

UnityWorks is a network of schools, universities and community organizations working to reduce prejudice and promote positive multicultural change. Involvement in the program begins with an intensive week-long training for UnityWorks Site Teams. This annual professional learning event is designed to prepare educators with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to improve school culture and student learning, and to develop a successful Diversity Action Plan.
day 3
Dimensions of Diversity
Day 2
The Reality of Race
Equality vs Equity
Diversity Challenges and Solutions

Course Summary using the Arts
My stories
Prejudice: Causes, Consequences and Cures
Katrina Walsey, Dean of Students
Yakama Nation Tribal School
Join us!
"A Whole week?"
A sharing of personal histories can increase understanding and create bridges between those of diverse backgrounds,
an important step in breaking down barriers between people.
Action Plans
: Lorenzo Alvarado, Assistant Principal, Davis High School
& Zuky Alvarado, Homemaker, Dancing the Cumbia
Alan Matsumoto, Principal
Garfield Elementary
“I’m now okay with having that difficult conversation. It’s changed the way I look at the world. I feel energized and hopeful.”
"I thought it would be a boring
diversity training."

"The biggest thing I've learned is
that being different is okay."
Brian Petilo, Band Teacher
Franklin Middle School
Blanca Garza, Counselor
MLK Elementary
Tcharles Anders, School Counselor
Lewis & Clark Middle School
"I look forward to bringing
UnityWorks to my school."
Mary Fishback, Librarian
Barge-Lincoln Elementary
The Power
of Language
Success Stories
"The final message I'd like to leave...
I want my students to know they were loved."
Eric Steinhilb, P.E. Teacher
Garfield Elementary School
VIDEO: Jana Hoberg, English Teacher
Washington Middle School
"I'm excited about the training! I come from Spokane, which is very white, to Yakima which is very Hispanic, and I really wanted to relate with the kids, so I was really excited to learn that UnityWorks was coming."
Emily Theirl, Para Educator
MLK Elementary School
Arasely Gainer, School Counselor Davis High School
UnityWorks training is interactive and practical. It covers a variety of topics including: race, culture, language, prejudice and stereotypes, achievement and opportunity gaps, culturally-responsive teaching, diversity challenges and solutions, and creating a Diversity Action Plan.
UnityWorks Summer Institute
VIDEO: Integration of the Arts
: Participants Share their Experience
Luz Juarez-Stump, Principal
Hoover Elementary School
"The training has been an eye-opener, for myself and my staff. I’m really excited about the things we’ve come away with. Not only will our building and our school be a better place, but as these kids go out in society, I think they’re going to make the world a better place."
"I hope that all staff members have the opportunity to take this week-long training."
Sydney John, Assistant Principal
MLK Elementary
"When I first heard about UnityWorks, I wondered what could we possibly talk about for five days! But I’ve been amazed. Each topic has been relevant and every day we’ve learned something new. Everyone in the district should learn about this. It's so valuable!"
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