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10 things about me mason bocanegra!

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Kathryn Larsen

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of 10 things about me mason bocanegra!

MY favorite Animals!

My favorite animals are, dogs,tigers and giraffe. I love animals!
I don't care for video games.
I think video games are a waste of time. I think that they take time away from you that you should spend on other important things.
I love BYU!!!!!
In my opinion, I think BYU is amazing, I think that its a great school.
I dislike flies.
I love MUSIC!
Music is fun and entertaining. I love country but somtimes I listen to pop. I do love ELVIS's songs though.
I love soccer!
Soccer is my favorite sport. In my opinion, if I could have a house bigger than a mansion but not play soccer or have a medium house and play soccer than I would have a medium house and still play soccer!
10 things about me mason bocanegra!
Flies are little creepy things.
I love my family!

My family is so loving and helpful!!
I dislike asparagus!
In my opinion I think its gross.
I dislike dieing!
Life is fun and it should never end!!
I dislike minecraft!!!!
I believe that minecraft is a total wast of time and that takes up precouse time that could be spent doing other more importent things then frying your brain in front of a screen! Some people may say that minecraft can help you with construction, yes but then that knolledge is fryed in front of the screen!!!

I love school because you can make new friends and get an education to get a job, to get money and then save and spend that money t live a great life!!!
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