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What is the main issue for the state in the up coming future

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Taylor Hansell

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of What is the main issue for the state in the up coming future

What is the main issue for the state in the up coming future?

Is Agriculture in the state going to be sustainable?

Is municipal reclamation going to be the source for drinking water and irrigation purposes?

Are you tired of using funding on replacement gates or maintenance of existing gate, when those funds can be put to better use?

Mechanical Associates was established by a man, after 28 years in the water works industry, with a dream and the drive to help meet the needs of this ever changing water processing industry.
How it Started
Mechanical Associates has developed many successful products. These produce have changed the faces of estuaries, water treatment plants, industrial processing pants, agriculture processes, etc. Mechanical Associates is a major leader in the innovation of product for the water works industry
Product Line Up
Example Drawings
Cost effective Stainless Steel and Aluminum products
Innovative products
The Idea
Sluice Gates and Slide Gates
Weir Gates
Bulkhead Gates
Stop Log Gates and Stop Gates
Flap Gates
Radial Gates
Mud Valves
Telescoping Valves
Combination Gates
High Pressure Drain Valves
Inline Gates
High Quality, Dependable, Efficient
Stainless Steel or Aluminum Products
Experienced Problem Solvers
Customer Focused
Diverse Product Line
Short Lead Times
Mechanical Associates wants our customers to have the right product and have the product serve the need it is intended for

Mechanical Associates over the years has introduced many new products into the water works market that has overall changed the dynamics of budget distribution, daily operations, and over all water control
Mechanical Associates is the company that you can lean on for an answer or for an innovative solution. We want the overall experience to be pleasant and efficient.
Customers Come First
Mechanical Associates is customer driven, we are wanting to supply the customer with a product that meets or exceeds the specification requirements in order to achieve ample performance.

Engineering Firms
Jones and DeMile
Provost and Pritchard
CHM2 Hill
Brown and Caldwell
CDM Smith
W.M. Lyles
Clark Bros. Inc.
R and G Excavating
RJ Sullivan
McGuire and Hester
Mechanical Associates has worked and is collaborating with Engineering Firms, Contractors, and Regional Representatives to produce products of far superior value and of superior quality
WP Kolens- Ohio
Coastal Culvert- Louisiana
Muniquip- Northern California
Geneva Pipe- Utah
A & E Associates- Delaware/ Pennsylvania
WWater Tech- Texas/ Oklahoma
Gierlich Mitchell- Southern California
Ferguson- Alabama
J- Bulb
High Grade Neoprene (D 2000)
Buna- N

Groutless Gasket
High Grade Neoprene (D 2000)
Buna- N


(Other material can be supplied)
Stainless Steel- 304, 304L, 316, 316L (Also able to meet AIS Act requirements)

Aluminum- 6061-T6

All hardware is either 304 or 316
(Also able to meet AIS Act requirements)
(Contact us for other products)
Non Geared Manual Hand Wheel Lift (Less than 40 Lbs. rim pull)

Geared Manual Hand Wheel Lift
Gear Box (4:1 Gear ration reduction)
Roller Bearing
UHMW-PE Thrust Bearing

Tandem Lift
Gear Box with Gear Box
Gear Box with Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator
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