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Anastasia Katsman

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate

Different point of views
Canadian factory workers
Trafficking children is when people take children from their safe environment to work in forests, farms and other dangerous places. In 2005 estimated 980,000 to 1,225,000 children were trafficked. When children are traffic most of them work for cocoa industries.
Here is a commercial we made our selfs.
Fair trade chocolate
Companies that don't use child labor
By: Sophia & Alex
Do you love chocolate?
Chocolate is a sweet treat that always makes your day! But do you really know the story behind it?
For Canadian workers, there are disadvantages to globalization. The disadvantage is that because of the global production of chocolate there is less jobs for some Canadians, that causes a large amount of lost jobs because there is less work required.
Fair trade
The chocolate company HERSHEY'S does not use child labor.
The point of view of a child that works in cocoa farm
Hi, I'm a kid that works in the cocoa industry. I really don't like working here because we have to use sharp and dangerous tools to cut the cocoa down and i always cut myself. We also don't have shoes, gloves or supervisors, Plus I'm only 7. The only reason why I'm working here is because my family doesn't have a lot of money and we need money to survive and to buy food and clothes. But the only thing I can do is hope that one day the world will stop child labor.
Point of view of cocoa industry boss
This is what cocoa beans look like

The chocolate factory Cadbury also dosen't use child labor
Like you can see here
Divine chocolate is also a child labor free company.
Trafficking children
I think that child labor should continue forever because then we don' have to pay them as much as we do for adults because they arnt as smart so they dont understand that we pay them a little. Plus they love it here, we give them a lot of food and we always make sure that they are supervised and don't use dangerous tools. We care about them a lot, we give them food, clothes and comfort to live. We treat them very well.
1. What chocolate companies use child labor?

2. Is globalisation good for canadians?

3. Will child labor ever end?

4. What contrey uses child labor the most?

5. Where is cocoa mostly made?

6. Is it only boys that chop off the cocoa beans?

7. Why isn't the government stopping child labor?
The End
By: Sophia & Alex
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