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Disease Agents That Can Influence Natural Selection

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Joiya Liles

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Disease Agents That Can Influence Natural Selection

Disease Agents That Can Influence Natural Selection
Natural Selection Based on Chemicals
Works Cited

What is Natural Selection?
Infectious diseases have always affected human history and biology.
Predators also influence natural selection by eliminating the weaker prey. Weather is also an influence on natural selection.
Ways to defend diseases:

- your immune system (helps fight off bacteria and viruses)

-vaccines (help to prevent catching certain diseases)

-antibiotics (help to kill infections)
Natural Section: when certain organisms are well adapted to their environment so they can survive and produce offspring
Charles Darwin was the first person to present this theory and it is now believed to be one of the main reasons for evolution.

Examples: plague, smallpox, measles, influenza, malaria, AIDS, etc.
Unnamed viral and bacterial infections have caused more infant deaths than all the wars, noninfectious diseases, and natural disaster deaths put together.
The human population has adapted to lots of infectious diseases, but many diseases are still untreatable.
Factors in our environment, chemicals for example, can increase the number of mutations in an organism. Mutations could cause the individual to become "weak" and that would make it harder for them to survive in their ecosystem. So therefore, chemicals can be a factor in natural selection.
Another Agents That Can Influence Natural Selection
Examples of Natural Selection
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