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The CERN super-collider

No description

Luke Tyrrell

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The CERN super-collider

The CERN super-collider
How does it work?
It starts by releasing hydrogen particles into a sealed chamber and sped up into the second part of the machine...
Small Hadron Collider
Other elemental particles are introduced into this seven kilometre circle. they are sped to 96% the speed of light
The CERN large hadron (super) collider is the biggest 'machine' ever made!!!
It streches across france and switzerland deep underground.
The booster
This section splits the particles in four tubes which speeds them up with the help of poweful magnets. they are spedup now to one third the speed of light.
The particles are then sent to the first circle. They are sped round and round until they are released into the penultimate stage.
It is working to discover things about particles and the creation of the universe
The largest section is over 27 kilometres wide!!!
The first circle
Large Hadron particle Accelerator
The particles are then split into into two tubes that intersect a regular intervals
The particles are now travelling at 99.9% the speed of light...
The particles are going around the 27 kilometre circuit 11,000 times a second!...
Until after 30 mins the particles are made to collide in an intersection. the stuff that is released can be collected by magnets to reveal the secrets of the universe!
Did you know?
The collider can make gold particles!
But you would have to leave the machine on for over 100 million years to create a gramme...
In the small hadron collider the Particles reach the point of transition which means the particles must get heavier as they are going so fast for some reason
At the point of collision they are seven thousand times heavier than usual
In order to simulate space the whole machine is kept at sub ze
o temperatures!
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