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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Map of their adventures

Mari Kneisel

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Huck hometown Quote: "In a barrel of odds and ends it is different; things get mixed up, and the juice kind of swaps around, and the things go better together."
Characters: Huck, Widow, Mrs. Watson, Jim, Judge Thatcher, Pap, and Tom Sawyer
Plot: Huck is living at the Widows house and is learning to read while at home and school. He does not like Mrs Watson because she is strict. She owns a slave named Jim. His Pap who is a drunk and abusive man come back and tries to take Huck and the family money. The money is with Judge Thatcher so Pap befriends him, but fails to get the money. The Widow tried to get Huck back but Pap takes him to a cabin.
Conflict: Huck struggles with society vs. man. Before living with the widow he had more freedom. Now he has to live by the rules. He hates living there because he has to conform to society.
Huck starts out following rules because he is living in the widow's house. At the end of this episode he has all his freedom back and he loves it. He just does not like his father. Chapters 1-5 The Cabin Chapters 6-7 Quote: "It was kind of lazy and jolly, laying off comfortable all day, smoking and fishing, and no books nor study."
Characters: Pap and Huck
Plot: Because people are trying to take Huck, Pap takes him to a cabin in the woods. Here Huck gets even more freedom. His father was drunk one night and hallucinating. He tried to kill Huck and that's when Huck decided to escape. He found a canoe and made a raft. He then killed a pig and left a trail of blood so people think he was murdered. he put stones in the pig and sunk him. He then went downstream a little to Jackson's Island.
Conflict: Huck is conflicted on whether to leave his Pap. After his Pap tried to kill him he made his decision.
Huck is a free kid going into this episode and out. He leaves his pap leaving him with unlimited freedom. Jackson's Island Chapters 7-12 Quote: "When I struck the head of the island I never waited to blow, through I was most winded, . . ."
Characters: Huck, Jim, women
Plot: Huck gets to the Island and takes a nap. When he wakes up their is a boat looking for him. He explores the island and finds a campfire that has recently been used. He then discovers Jim, Mrs. Watson's slave, is living on the island too. They decide to travel with each other. Huck picks up a snakes skin and Jim tells him is bad luck. Jim gets bit by a rattle snake because Huck played a prank on him and Jim almost dies. They see a house floating down the river so they take some stuff and leave quickly because their is a dead man in there. To get information they dress Huck up as a little girl and he goes into a town. He talks to a women who is a new comer to the town. He finds out her husband and others are going to search Jackson's Island for Jim. Huck and Jim leave the island as fast as they can.
Conflict: Huck struggles with the idea of morality. He does not know whether to turn Jim in or not. He chooses not to.
Huck is still a kid just going on an adventure. He is trying to be more like tom Sawyer. Chapters 8-12 Walter's Scott Wreck Chapters 12-13 Quote: "Do you reckon Tom Sawyer would ever go by this thing? Not for a pie he wouldn't. He's call it an adventure-. . ."
Characters: Jim Turner, Bill, Jake Packard, Two men on a boat, Jim, and Huck
Plot: Jim and Huck floated down the river past St. Louis on the raft. A huge storm cam about and they found a ship wreck. Huck thinks he should be more like Tom Sawyer so he finds his way onto the wreck. He hears men named Jim, Bill, and Jake talking about how they murdered someone and other bad deeds. He finally gets off and back to Jim. Two men on another boat see the raft and try to help. Jim is scared they will find him so Huck covers for him saying they shouldn't get close because his father has smallpox. They tell him where to get help and each man gives him 20 dollars.
Conflict: Huck is questioning his morality again. He covered for a slave and took 40 dollars because he lied.
Huck is starting to see Jim as more of a friend then a slave. He doesn't really think twice about covering for him. The Grangerfords Chapters 17-18 Quote: "You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft."
Characters: Grangerfords, Sherpardsons, Huck and Jim
Plot: A steamboat comes down the river and separates Huck and Jim. Huck goes looking for Jim and ends up at the Grangerfords who take him in. There is a family fued between them and the Shepardsons. One of the Grangerfords slaves lead Huck to Jim who is hiding in the woods. Sophia Grangerford runs away with Haney Shepardson causing the families to start fighting. Buck Grangerford and his friend dies. Jim and Huck take off as fast as they can.
Conflict: man vs. society. Huck is stuck in between a civilized family and being free. Luckily before he has to decide a fight breaks out and he leaves.
Huck is lost and confused trying to find his friend and he ends up being free again with his friend. Doesn't really doubt running away with a slave. The Duke and King Chapter 19 Quote: "If I never learnt nothing else out of pap, I learnt that the best way to get along with his kind of people is to let them have their own way."
Chacters: Duke, King, Jim, and Huck
Plot: When floating down the river Huck and Jim pick up two men fleeing from people. One claims to be a duke and the other a king. They truly are con men and steal peoples money.
Conflicts: Huck was struggling with whether to tell the duke and king that they really weren't what they say they were. He then realizes it wont matter because he learned that you can't tell those people differently. He learned that from his paps.
Huck shows signs of maturity. He doesn't say anything to the duke and king about them lying. He doesn't want to start anything. Reformed Pirate Chapter 20 Quote: "It almost killed Jim a-laughing. He was the easiest nigger to laugh that ever was, anyway."
Characters: Duke, King, Jim, and Huck
Plot: They all travel to a little one-horse town. There was some kind of council church meeting going on. The King pretended to be a reformed pirate who was going to help reform the other pirates. He claimed he had no money so the whole council out their money together and gave him 87 dollars.
Conflict: Huck stuggles with the idea of stealing the money of the council. He knows its wrong but thinks its a good idea.
Huck is pretty much the same from the begining of this chapter to the end. An Arkansaw Difficulty Chapters 21-23 Quote: ". . . It was just as I said: you coulsn't tell them form the real kind."
Characters: Duke, King, Huck, Jim, Boggs, and Colonel Sherburn
Plot: The Duke and King decide to make a play of Romeo and Juliet and make money off it at a circus. Meanwhile a man named Boggs comes into town drunk and is insulting Colonel Sherburns family. Sherburn gives him until one o'clock to stop. At one Boggs does not stop so Sherburn shoots him. The whole town goes to his house to lynch him but Sherburn calls them all coward and they all walk away as such. People are scammed of the money at the play so they all run after the duke and king trying to lynch them. They are able to escape.
Conflict: Huck does not see how it was alright ot kill a man in cold blood. When Boggs was shot he was astonished. He knows right from wrong and he knew that was wrong.
Huck grows in the aspect of death. We see him showing this in his dissaproval of the death of Boggs. Wilk's Home Chapters 24-29 Quote: ". . . and yet here's a case where I'm blest if it don't look to me like the truth is better and acutuly safer than a lie."
Characters: Mary Jane, hare-lip, King, Duke, and Huck.
Plot: The Duke and King figure out that a man has just died and was expecting his brothers. They pretend to be those brothers to get the inheritance. Huck went along with it at first, but felt awful. He also knew the Duke and King would take all the money for themselves. He told Mary Jane and made a plan for her to go away for the time being. Meanwhile the real brothers came into town and they were trying to prove they were the real ones. The whole town went to dig up the grave while they had Huck, the Duke, and the King as their prisoners. When they dug the body up their was 6,000 dollars with it. Huck had hid the money in there. When the guy holding Huck saw it he let go and Huck ran. Unfortunately, just as Huck and Jim were leaving the Duke and King caught up.
Conflict: Huck is conflicted between right and wrong. He knows whats right and he decides to act upon it. He tells Mary Jane they are not the real uncles and helps her get away. He saves her inheritance and her families name.
Huck enters the episode thinking it was a smart plan. He gets to know the family and realizes how wrong it is stealing their money. He already knew the Duke and King were bad people, but this made his dislike for them escalate. He leaves the episode more mature morally. Rescuing Jim Chapters 31-end Quote: "All right then, I'll go to hell."
Characters: Huck, Duke, King, Tom Sawyer, Aunt Sally Phelps, Silas Phelps, Aunt Polly
Plot: The Duke and King go into town to see if word of their exploits have reached Pikesville. While Huck is away the King and Duke sell Jim. Huck vows to get him back. He travels to the farm where Jim is. The women there thinks he is Tom Sawyer. Huck goes along with it. He tells Aunt Sally, the women, that he must go into the town to get his luggage. On his way he finds the real Tom Sawyer. Tom says he will help get Jim back so they devise a plan. Tom has read books about adventures so he always has to live out those plots making the plan so much more complicated than it has to be. They confuse poor Aunt Sally too extream measures making her think she is crazy. One night when Aunt Sally has had enough Huck goes into the setting-room and about 20 farmers were in there with guns and weapons. Aunt Sally had thought there was gonna be an Indian attack so when they go to rescue Jim that night the farmers hear. They run from them and finally loose them, but unfortunately Tom gets shot in the calf. Huck goes to get help from a docter and leaves Jim to hide in the woods. Huck goes back to the house and tell Aunt Sally some made up story about how they were curious and Sid and himself got separated. She was gravely upset and sent Uncle Silas to go look for Sid. Finally, the doctor came to the house with Tom and Jim. They treated Jim horribly and wanted to hang him until the doctor sayed to treat him nicely because without him Tom would be dead. Jim sacrificed his freedom for Tom. When Tom woke up from recovery he told Aunt Sally the truth. He said something about Mrs. Watson dying two months prior and setting Jim free in her will. This turned out to be true when Tom's Aunt Polly showed up and set everything straight. Jim was a free man and told Huck about how his pap was the man in the house that had floated down the river. Huck was allowed to get the money from Judge Thatcher and Aunt Salley was going to adopt him. Huck was not too happy about this because he had been in that situation before.
Conflict: The conflict is still Huck struggling his way through doing the right thing. He just goes with whatever Tom says even though he knows playing pranks on Aunt Sally is wrong. When Huck wants to go see if Tom is okay after he gets shot Aunt Sally tells him to stay. He felt too guilty with the pain he has caused her with everything to disobey her.
Huck had grown in maturity throughout the book. He has always seen the practical side of things unlike Tom, but Huck has chosen to do the right thing in the end. He has helped, not a slave but, a dear friend. Huck would rather gor to hell than have his friend go back into slavery. Thats friendship at it's finest.
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