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Romeo and Juliet vs Warm Bodies

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Rachel Sittler

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet vs Warm Bodies

Romeo and Juliet & Warm Bodies a comparison and analysis of the play and the movie Major Characters Warm Bodies Romeo and Juliet Plot Major Characters Minor Characters Plot Romeo- A Montague who falls in love with Juliet and creates problems in the future between the two.
Juliet- A Capulet who falls in love with Romeo. She is known for having a pretty face, however, she is witty and intelligent.
Mercutio- A sword fighter who protects Juliet, however, not being a Capulet or Montague creates problems and leads to his death.
Paris- A guy who pressures Juliets father to approve of their marriage Minor Characters The Nurse- She has a lasting relationship with Juliet and is viewed as a funny character.
Rosaline- Known to be a gorgeous character and was the first woman to be liked by Romeo.
Friar Laurence- He helps out both Romeo and Juliet and advises them on their love for one another. He states how they need to be careful because they cannot get rid of this long family feud.
Lord Capulet- He is Juliet's father who wishes the best for his daughter in hoping that she will marry someone for love.
The play is addressing the two families, Montague and Capulet, that have this ongoing feud. This feud poses a problem due to their children falling in love with one another. This later plays a factor into Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives in order to be with one another. R - A zombie, who cannot remember his past. Falls in love with the human girl, Julie.
Julie - One of the few surviving humans who gets captured by the zombies. Saved by R.
M - R's best friend. Though they cannot have actual conversations, they feel the most connected than any other zombies.
Nora - Julie's best friend. She helps Juliet keep her secret safe from her father, and helps hide R from the rest of the humans.
Perry - Julie's boyfriend. He is killed by R. He is among one the few surviving humans along with Julie and Nora. The human civilization has almost died off because of the zombie apocalypse. The remaining surviving humans live inside sectioned off part of the city behind tall walls that they built. They are hiding from the zombies and the bonies, who want to eat their brains and turn the few remaining into zombies as well. Melissa Rodriguez & Rachel Sittler
Setting The play takes place in Verona. Additionally, Romeo and Juliet meet at the Capulet's feast which begins the unfolding of the play. Afterwords, Juliet and Romeo spend the majority of their time at their houses and try to visit one another as often as possible. Symbols A few of the symbols that are displayed in the play are the poison and thumb biting. The poison is taken by Juliet and makes her appear as if she were dead, and this causes Romeo to take his own life. Additionally, it gives this representation that Juliet committed suicide and this proves to later be an important symbol. The poison is symbolic for causing problems and how hard it is for one to break away from society and its judgements.
Furthermore, thumb biting is significant. Samsun is constantly being said for biting his thumb and this gesture is almost presented as a childish tactic. This is symbolic for how childish the two families are acting and handling their feud by taking it out on their own children. Tone The two most common tones used throughout the play are hatred and affection. Hatred is most commonly used between the Montague's and Capulet's when trying to persuade their children to stay away from each other. Their is a continuous tone of hatred in order to express the families disapproval of one another.
Furthermore, affection is the other most common tone used. It plays in contrast with the hatred because an affectionate tone is most commonly used between Juliet and Romeo and Romeo to his friends. This is to express much liking, but conflict with the opposing tone which is shown throughout the play as this creates problems. Scenes One of the many popular scenes in Romeo and Juliet is the balcony scene. This scene is used in order for Romeo to express his love to Juliet. He makes comparisons that involve Juliet being everything "good" and outside of that, everything is displayed as "evil." This was the beginning of their love for one another and desire to be together despite the ongoing feud. Theme The theme in the play of Romeo and Juliet is love. However, this could be Shakespeare mocking the theme of love. Suggesting how falling in love that quickly is almost impossible because it leads to infatuations and creating big mistakes. Due to Romeo and Juliet's infatuation, it resulted in them taking their own lives due to not fully understanding the concept of love. With love comes violence when not thought through properly and is therefore viewed as immaturity.
Additionally, cooperation is another theme in the play. The play displays a lack of cooperation between the two feuding families. In the end, the families never came to liking one another and due to this decision, it led to a difficult journey. It led to their children committing suicide due to not accepting them. Imagery There is a lot of imagery presented throughout the play. There is a strong contrast between the usage of night and day. Usually, night is viewed as being "evil" and day is viewed as "good." However, in the play, the two are reversed, in which case night is now presented as being better. The reason is because it allows for Juliet and Romeo to see each other and be together. Whereas in the day time, if they are seen together, they could face consequences. Therefore, the night has become a preference. This contrast is viewed from the famous balcony scene, "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the Sun, Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon." This quote displays how Juliet is the light and therefore is good and is said to be killing off the "evil" which is the moon. Setting This movie takes place in an urban city after the zombie apocalypse takes out most of the human civilization. The humans live in a sectioned off part of the city. The zombies that the movie focuses on live in an abandoned airport terminal. R lives in an airplane. Symbols Brains - When a zombie eats a human brain, he/she will gain the memories of the human. Brains symbolize desire and clarity. R was able to gain new memories after eating Perry's brain. It was able to give him little of what he wanted.
Polaroids - Both R and Julie take many photos together. This symbolizes the human memory. They were able to remember each other, and gain support through the photos of one another. Scenes Balcony scene - R goes to find Julie to warn her about the impending attack from the bonies. He calls her from below her balcony to get her attention. They have a brief conversation in this position before she invites him into her house.
Theme Love - Unlike in Romeo and Juliet, R and Julie got to know each before realizing that they were in love with one another. As their friendship progressed they were able to realize that they were attracted to one another. This contrasts with Romeo and Juliet.
Cooperation - Julie was able to give R the benefit of the doubt and took the time to observe that he had more human characteristics than the other zombies. Unlike her father, who would have killed R on the spot, she was able to realize that R could be saved and was not as savage as the other zombies. Imagery There is strong imagery in the thoughts and memories that R was able to gain from Perry.
His dreams really help the viewer realize how humanistic R is. He just wishes to be like a normal person with people that he can interact with.
Because this is a movie, there is already a strong emphasis on the imagery in relation to the plot and characters. Similarities between the play and the movie Analysis of both works of literature In the play, Romeo and Juliet, the Capulets and the Montagues realize only too late that their ongoing feud resulted in the death of their children. Though, in the movie, Warm Bodies, the opponents (humans vs zombies) reconcile their differences and work together to fight off the 'bonies.'
This major difference in the works of literature reveal the importance of friendship and cooperation within individuals. The Capulets and the Montagues both lost their children because they didn't cooperate. But the zombies and humans were able to work together and were able to successfully defeat the bonies and live in harmony. This eventually ended up saving the human race because their cooperation led to the salvation of the zombies, who ended up being able to turn back into humans.
Because 'Warm Bodies' is a modern work of literature this can relate to today's society. There many ongoing feuds going on in the world today. This work can help individuals realize that it is better to get over one's differences and help each other out in our world today. There is a lot of selfishness in our society, and this movie, and it's allusions to Romeo and Juliet, can help people realize that it is better to think of others and their side of the story in current events.
In addition, in relation to the theme of love, Romeo and Juliet did not really get to know each other or understand one another before proclaiming their love for each other. R and Julie did, which contributed to the fact that they survived. Characters:

Paris/Perry Scenes:

Balcony scene Themes:

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