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Ninja-project X

No description

Tommy Mack

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Ninja-project X

The ninja practiced the martial art of Ninjitsu. It
was the practice of espionage and hand to hand combat. They also could use any weapon that they want.
Ninjas were the assassins and mercenaries of ancient Japan, they could adapt to any environment and use any weapon at their disposal. The ninjas used a variety of weaponry including the samurai sword, the sickle and the throwing star. Ninja were the original spies who were trained to be secretive about their actions and activities.
Other weapons included bows for sharpshooting and also blowguns. the even created some of their own weapons including one where they used was a hollowed out eggshell (Black eggs) with tiny shards of glass or blinding powder.

There are rumors that the ninjas used a sword called the Ninjato, which is not true it is just a modern invention.

Ninjas developed special equipment to help them with their missions like a shuko, an iron hand-crampon used for climbing, and the tessen which was a sharp metal fan.

They may or may not have worn the stereotypical black ninja suit, but they did wear disguises to blend in to their surroundings.
Art of the Ninja
Honor System
Unlike the samurai, ninjas didn't follow the Bushido code of honor. Ninjas relied on tricks to win open fights, but they hardly had open fights because ninjas relied on stealth to mow their targets down. If ninjas were spotted they would typically flee from the fight. Ninjas were regarded as very dishonorable, which is why the samurai needed ninjas to do their dirty work. According to the Bushido code even if the samurai hired the ninjas it wasn't considered dishonorable for the samurai as long as it isn't the samurai that performs the dishonorable action.
Ninjas came from peasants and farmers from the lower classes of ancient Japan and some of them were samurai that fled because they didn't want to kill themselves. Being a ninja was a part time job and it was secretive so ninjas didn't want people to know they existed.
Many of the daimyos (rulers of Japan) hated ninjas and tried to get rid of them but diamyos still hired ninjas to do get information about the enemy side and the enemies would hire ninjas as well. That was the exact opposite of the Bushido code and samurai regarded ninjas as vermin because of that.
Ninja Jobs
Espionage was the main role of the ninja. With the aid of disguises, they gathered information from enemy territory as well as as obtaining passwords. Ninjas have also been known to assassinate famous historical figures, although the secretive nature of the assassinations is difficult to prove. A variety of countermeasures have been taken to stop activities of the ninja including hiding weapons in the bathroom or under a removable floorboard and buildings being constructed with traps and tripwires connected to an alarm bell.
The samurai sword, called the Katana, was renowned for it's sharpness and strength. It had a bent blade with a long grip so the wielder could hold it with two hands.

The sickle was an ordinary farmers tool for harvesting crops, but the ninjas used it as a weapon. They modified it by putting a ball and a chain on the end. While pretending to be farmers they attack using the combo of the sickle and the ball and chain.

They also used the throwing star which was not always a star, it could have been a knife that was thrown. It always had very sharp edges for cutting.
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