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ResNET Walk-In Tickets (Refresher)

No description

Connie Ngo

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of ResNET Walk-In Tickets (Refresher)

A (very) quick overview of How to Handle Walk-in Tickets
ResNet Walk-In Tickets
Is there an already existing ticket about the user's current issue?
User Walks Into The Lab with a Issue with their Device (Ex. Laptop, Phone, Tablet)
Create a ticket in “Labs – ResNet – Walkins” documenting the issue the user is reporting.

Contact Office. Office moves Original to Dispatch Queue. X-ref Walk-in in original. Collect Availability
Review the CIRT ticket and Call ResNet Office for further instructions on how to proceed. X-Ref Ticket

Begin TroubleShooting!
Virus Remediation
Run Scans and Remove Infections.Contact RN Office for assistance if needed.
Connectivity Issues?
RU Wireless?
Connecting in Dorm
Through Wall Port?
User has to be in dorm to test connectivity. Get availability for a Dispatch appointment.
Check all user's settings and test Access Points. Confer with RN Office if assistance is needed.
Is the Issue Fixed?
Resolve The Ticket.
Confer with RN Office on the next course of action. Also comment to the HDRT Ticket regarding the next steps to be taken.
User Has to Leave Before Resolution. Help Patron Schedule Help Desk Appointment & Set Ticket Status to Stalled.
Create Walk-in Tickets. X-Ref and Check Troubleshooting Comments.

Have the User sign Waiver. Collect Phone Number and Email Address.
Can it be fixed in the Lab?
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