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Family Tree

No description

Yousef Abugalyon

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Grandparents Dad's side
Mustafa Abughalyoun

Lamaa Kazhalawi Mom's side
Muhammad Abdulmunam
Fatimah Abughalyoun Eyad Abughalyoun Sabray Abughalyoun Fasal Abughalyoun Ziad Abughalyoun Samah Abughalyoun Seham Abughalyoun Heyam Abughalyoun Mustafa Abughalyoun Lamaa Abughalyoun Safaa Abughalyoun Alaa Abughalyoun Zuhar Abughalyoun Tareq Abughalyoun Tammer Abughalyoun Nader Abughalyoun Mustafa Abughalyoun Lina Abughalyoun Kids Uncle Uncle Kids Uncle Kids Uncle Kids Aunt Hiba Menas Kids Aunt Aladin Zalawi Sarah Zalawi Danah Zalawi Kids Aunt Ayham Mulham Bashar Abughalyoun Nour Abdulmunam Mohammad Abdulmunam Esam Abdulmunam Ayman Abdulmunam Nabeel Abdulmunam Eyman Abdulmunam Umnah Abdulmunam Malak Abdulmunam Samar Abdulmunam Samhar Abdulmunam Razen Abdulmunam Khalid Olah Layal Kids Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle Aunt Aunt Aunt Aunt Uncle Uncle Fathi Abdulmunam Fatimah Abdulmunam Mashur Manal Safaa Ghinah Laylah Muhammad Hiba Yasmeen Asmaa Alaa Hikmat Rasha Eyad Noura Zenab Omar Abdulallah Adulmunam Rama Abdulmunam Abdulrahman Abdulmunam Roua Abdulmunam Yasir Abdulmunam Coming Ibrahim Abdulmunam Hala Abdulmunam Yousef Abugalyon Yasmeen Abugalyon Hamza Abugalyon Belal Abugalyon coming
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