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Stopping Poverty

No description

Brooke Fossett

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Stopping Poverty

Stopping Poverty
Solutions and Problems
Solutions to Poverty
Create Jobs for Americans
Raise the minimum wage
Better Education
Negative and Positive Externalities
Some immigrants could migrate to America with the creation of jobs which might cause overpopulation.
Migration of immigrants could cause more work production in America.
Better education could make better future leaders in America.
Raising the minimum wage could affect the government's revenue in a bad way, therefore resulting in less money for the rest of the world.
Possible Oppositions to ending Poverty
Some think that there aren't enough skilled Americans to create jobs for, which is why immigration is on the rise, therefore creating more jobs for non-americans
Raising the minimum could possibly create more debt for the government in which less resources already available will not available.
The education system has different oppositions to bettering it because some states would have to come out of their pockets therefore creating debt for the states.
Positive and Negative Effects on each Government segment
Government: Negative: More taxes presented on the government that it has to pay for, for poverty, and less money for international factors.
Business Firms: Negative: Due to poverty, crime arises therefore making businesses lose revenue.
Households: Positive: With improvement to the income in the households, poverty can become increasingly decreasing
Rest of the World: Positive: Unity in a cause for the betterment of the world as a whole
Individuals: The fact that many Americans can gain extra income from helping poverty is a motivation for many people.
Business: Many business can gain recognition from helping poverty
Government: Government might react to poverty in such a case where the people rally together.
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