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College, University, Military, and Municipality Risk Managem

No description

Jeannette Stawski

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of College, University, Military, and Municipality Risk Managem

College, University, Military, and Municipality Risk Management Today
Action Items:
Apply one proposed solution from this workshop for trends or common concerns to your program.
Thoroughly review your current list of required certifications, and evaluate whether to edit.
Start using one new resource to support your program.
Jeannette Stawski, CAE
Introductions and resources

Perceptions and related dynamics

Challenges and Solutions
Certifications related to access issues
The race for relevance

Risk Management Overview

Questions and Answers
"It's harder to say no"
Increased understanding and involvement

Personal investment

Educated and informed

AORE Members
Who we are
Who we serve
What we do
How we do that work
Where we do that work

Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education [AORE]
Campus Rec 47%
Academic 18%
Student Affairs 11%
Military 15%
Municipal/other 9%
Recreation Professional
Risk Manager
"It's easier to say no"
Employee Career Path
Turnover of staff
Higher education focused
Size of the job
What are the issues?
7, 10, 12, 15 passenger vans? Trucks? Suburbans?
University Transportation modified fleets
Motor pool and outside rental companies
Staff Training
Risk Manager says:
Appropriate policies, procedures, and guidelines
Trainings in place
Appropriate response and communication plan in place
What do programmers want - and then address the issues.
Driver AND Trailer training
Classroom, video, behind the wheel
Fleet services or provided training with additional support
Differentiate trips and skills
Member Solutions

Grinnell College
Norther Illinois and Sam Houston State
University of Wyoming
California State Chico

Who is doing what?
Access and relationship building
Risk Managers signing off
Degree programs
Field time
Costs to acquire, maintain
Certification [Management]
Level of experience
Applicability and context
Substitution for certification?
Financial Risk
Checklist Mentality
The Race for Relevance
Flores A, Haileyesus T, Greenspan A. National Estimates of Outdoor Recreational Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments, United States, 2004-2005 Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. 2008; 19(2), 91-98
Gaudio F, Greenwald P, Holton M. Injury and Illness in college Outdoor Education. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. 2010; 21, 363-370
What are you doing?
How do you measure?
Case Studies
University of Iowa

Current member challenge - OSHA
Volume of programming
Site management capabilities
Staff management and training
Instructors must have appropriate credentials for services
Judgement and training
Appropriately vetted and evaluated
Organization policies, procedures, systems, programs
Thorough and resources to refer back to to assist in conducting work and making decisions
Risk Management Manual
Each program in a specific way
Manual is a RESULT of that process
How do you manage:
Travel, equipment, etc
Operating with in policies and procedures
Good judgement
Parameters of trips

Truth in advertising
Working with potential participants
Waivers: Education is ongoing
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