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The Desert Sea at Biosphere 2: Rocket Hub

Help us launch our Rocket Hub project to build an amazing ocean inside Biosphere 2!

Rafe Sagarin

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Desert Sea at Biosphere 2: Rocket Hub

We are building an
in the
We have a good start with THIS ocean
It's a 700,000 gallon body of water...
..of Biosphere 2
Yes, that Biosphere 2
The original Biosphere 2 was
an experiment to keep eight people alive
for two years inside a sealed ecosystem.
One of the habitats that sustained the Biospherians was
a coral reef ocean
Now the
University of

runs Biosphere 2
We don't maintain it as a sealed ecosystem, but as a set of
living habitats
where we can do
environmental research

share results directly
with visitors, K-12 educators, and schools.
We want to use the Ocean for our research, outreach, and teaching missions...
...into a
living model
of the
Gulf of California
Gulf of California
, or Sea of Cortez, is the closest sea to our
Sonoran Desert
Biosphere 2
Gulf of California
Gulf is connected
, through biology, culture, and climate...
...to our
Sonoran Desert region
Our transformed ocean, the
Desert Sea
will show these connections to our visitors...
...and become a valuable platform for
marine ecology
conservation research
The Desert Sea will also be a great place to dive!
Our ocean is the only indoor PADI-certified
open water dive site
The Desert Sea will feature the living plants, fish, and invertebrates of the Gulf
The Project Manager for the Desert Sea is Dr. Rafe Sagarin
Rafe is a marine ecologist...
...who lives in the desert...
...and works in the Gulf of California
The Desert Sea transformation is a BIG project
...and we're ready to get started right now.
Please give to our Rocket Hub project and become a builder of an
amazing ocean
within an
amazing structure
within an
amazing desert
Under the glass roof...
...and we have a vision to transform it...
rocky shores
cactus-studded island
sargassum forest
underwater windows
But the Biosphere 2 has always been about
making BIG ideas come to life...
In Biosphere 2, we are working hard to plan a
better future for our ocean
The Desert Sea transformation will attract
new visitors and new scientists
to see and study the unique Biosphere 2 ocean.
...and to be inspired to protect the unique
Gulf of California
Desert Sea
Biosphere 2


Project at Rocket Hub
And we need YOUR help!
250 miles
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