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Prisoner B-308gb

No description

Avian Blackburn

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Prisoner B-308gb

This book has a great story. The theme of this book could easily be "never give up". I think this because Yanek goes through a ton of punishment and torture throughout the book. Even though he goes through all of this he is determined to live. Yanek tells himself that the allies will come any day now and it finally pays off. The allies save him from a concentration camp and feed and nourish him. Never giving up is what saved Yanek's life. He told himself that the Nazis can not and will not kill him, and it worked.
Book Review
I greatly recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful books. It was a great book about a Jewish boy during the Nazi revolution.It tells you about his journey through ten different concentration camps and goes into great detail and depth about what the Nazis put the prisoners through inside the concentration camps."One night after a hard day's work digging trenches for new latrines, I collapsed to the floor of my barrack, I didn't have the strength to climb into my bunk"(Gratz 87). This book is definantely on my favorites list. I think I give it a four out of five star rating.

Written Account
5 Facts
The nazi Swastika
5 Pictures
Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazi's
Examples of what prisoners looked like
Nazi uniforms
Concentration Camps
The Nazi's Take Over Yanek's Small Town
Yanek's Parents Are Taken As Prisoners
Yanek Is Taken As a Prisoner
Yanek Finds Out Has A Family Member Still Alive
The Allies Save the Prisoners
June 3, 1945

Today at Sachsenhausen Concentration camp,they made us work hard building barracks and busting rocks. My only friend was killed because he was too sick to work. The Nazis could care less about any of us. We are like animals to them. We obviously have no feelings, or else they wouldn't treat us this way. I don't know, all I can say is I can't wait for that day to come when the allies finally rescue us and we are able to live normal lives again.
Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis from 1933-1945.
Hitler died due to suicide.
He killed more than 11 million people during the Holocaust.
Jews were forced out of their homes into tiny villages called Ghettos.
Nazis targeted different kinds of people such as; Jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies.
The song "If You're Goin' Through Hell" by Rodney Adkins goes with this book because the song talks about going through hard times. In this book, Yanek goes through nothing but hard times and torture. All of the concentration camps put the prisoners to hard work with very little to eat. Torturing the prisoners is the only thing that the Nazis know how to do. In a way, Yanek goes through hell throughout the whole book.
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