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Section 1: The Political Framework 1959-64

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Mr Reid

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Section 1: The Political Framework 1959-64

Section 1: The Political Framework 1959-64
Learning Objectives
To analyse and explain the improvements in the British economy 1945-59 by using a range of sources
To explain why Macmillan could make this statement in 1957

Watch this and answer the questions on the worksheet
Snowballing…What are the features of a ‘healthy economy’?
Individually, you have 30 seconds to think of 2 features of a healthy economy. Write them down.
Share your two features with the person sat next to you, write them down.
As a pair, you now have 30 seconds to think of two more features…
Write them down. By now you should have 6 features…
Work as groups of four, and you have one minute to think of ten features (in total) of a healthy economy

The quote: 20th July 1957
“Let us be frank about it: most of our people have never had it so good. Go around the country – go to the individual towns, go to the farms- and you will see a state of prosperity such as we have never had in my lifetime, or indeed in the history of this country.”

Why could Harold Macmillan say this in 1957?

...you've never had it so good...
What would a historian do to test this statement? Think about the 10 features of a healthy economy you wrote down.

Why could Harold Macmillan say that the British people had ‘never had it so good’? Read the first 3 paragraphs of Waller page 12, and provide five pieces of evidence to suggest Macmillan was right to suggest this.

Stretch and Challenge: The PPB suggested that the Conservatives were responsible for increasing prosperity 1951-55.
To what extent do you agree?
Finding and providing the evidence
Split into groups of four
You have a set of cards outlining the factors which increased prosperity for British people 1945-59.
Now, arrange the cards on your diamond nine template:
Rate the causes of prosperity, put the least important factor at the bottom of the diamond, and work your way up to the most important factor at the top. You will need to be able to explain your choices

Look again at your list of ‘features of a healthy economy’.
Compare your suggestions to what you now know about Britain’s economy 1945-59.
How healthy was Britain’s economy? Was Macmillan right?

1. Explain why Macmillan could claim that the British people at the end of the 1950’s had ‘never had it so good’.
2. Explain why Macmillan’s statement cannot be considered entirely accurate.
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