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Team Social Evaluation Project, Social Media Tapas 2013, Madrid

Presented by Yong-Chyuan (YC) Yeoh, Team Social

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Transcript of Team Social Evaluation Project, Social Media Tapas 2013, Madrid

High Level Aim Identify one solution to standardise Social Media Evaluation across the organisation, capture meaningful Qualitative data on social media and feed the results into our global organisational reporting structure. What we have done Social Media Survey What we want to measure Next Steps Pilots 1 & 2 We are concentrating on Qualitative Data
that will capture the following: Social Media Evaluation Project Qualitative Data Pilot 2 on Chinese Social Media Pilot on two Countries: Preliminary Findings: Pilot 1 with Sysomos for Western Social Media Pilot 1 with six SBUs and three Countries: Report-based service Web-based self-service Preliminary Findings Report-based service is more appealing but costlier and require longer report preparation Web-based service is cheaper but not established in the industry and unstable Some free versions tested: http://www.kmsocial.cn http://www.cosmobmedia.com Conclusion Suggest to put on-hold and move on with Pilot 1 with Sysomos first in order to generate sufficient information to set benchmarks Select and brief potential service providers on both Report-based and Web-based Review and make an informed decision Why two pilots? None of the seven tested tools are
able to access Chinese social media
platforms and mainstream web portals. Sentiment
Thought leadership evidence
Capturing stories
Conversation about our pages, projects, products
Conversation share in our chosen fields
Identifying advocates
Identifying what is trending
Monitor rivals, one of the key demands from
the survey. Ran survey to gather intelligence from internal stakeholders 60 respondents from across all seven Regions and the UK, SBUs, Marcoms, HR, P&P, Education UK and Digital. Action Plan Sign six-month pilot (1 Jun to 30 Nov 2013) contract with Sysomos and invite the Pilot 1 group of participants, followed by training After six months in mid-Dec 2013, report on success of Pilot 1 including analysis and recommendations Communicate the above to target internal stakeholders Integrate the Team Social Evaluation Project with the Balanced Scorecard: KPIs, structure, timing, delivery etc. Six-month Pilot (1 Jun to 30 Nov 2013) Implications Human Resources Team Social Evaluation + Selected staff (e.g. UK Digital Analytics Team) to help us in Pilots 1 and 2 Budget Current cost is the six-month Pilot 1 of Sysomos MAP Challenges Making sure that Pilot 1 participants get REALLY engaged and use the Sysomos MAP we provide Making sure that we will be able to analyse and use the data we gather Why? To standardize social media measurement across the organization in order to better capture stats, stories and impact of activity which will feed into corporate reporting. Tested Nine Tools & Agencies Seven of best-known Paid Solution and agencies were tested to date from a possible pool of approximately 250 products: Salesforce Radian6, Sysmos, Lithium, Sprout Social, Ubervu, Socialbakers & TwentyFeet, as well as agencies like: Outlandish & TugAgency. Three Finalists Salesforce Radian6, Sysomos & TugAgency The Winner is: We have chosen Sysomos MAP. Six SBUs: LearnEnglish (MENA), Education UK, Corporate Communications, IELTS, Arts and Skills for Employability Three countries: India, Pakistan and Spain Senior Project Stakeholders John Worne, Myra Hunt, Harriet Green and Shannon West China and Singapore Thank you for your attention Now it's Q & A Project Manager: Yong-Chyuan (YC) Yeoh
Team members: David Blundell, Wojciech Cichon, Peter Cao and Arjun Yadav 214,291 (China)
2,554 (Singapore) 910,087 (China)
427,857 (Singapore) 31,399 (China) 32,848 (China) 450,203 (China) 4,556 (China) Correct as at April 2013
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