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Home Rule

No description

Sophia Mara

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Home Rule

Home Rule Alex Gaidis, Sophia Ptacek, Ella Capstick, Aidan Clark The Big Idea Repeal of the Act of Union (1800)
Unionist vs. Nationalist
Establish Irish Parliament
Britain retains control over:
Foreign relations
Imperial affairs
Major taxation
Currency First Home Rule bill introduced and defeated in House of Commons 1870 1872 1875 1878 1880 1881 1882 1885 1886 1890 1886 1882 1886 1893 1914 1920 Isaac Butt (died 1879) established moderate national movement
Irish Land Act - peasant land ownership Ballot Act - Parliamentary and general elections by ballots Parnell enters House of Commons New Departure, John Devon, Independence from Britain with physical force First general election held, Charles Parnell voted in Second Land Act under Gladstone
Fair rent, free sale, fixity of tenure Irish National League formed by Parnell Kilmainham Treaty
Between Irish Nationalists and UK Liberal victory in General election First Home Rule bill introduced and defeated in House of Commons General Election with conservative victory Parnell's affair revealed, disgraced from office. Fallback for movement Second Home Rule bill passed in House of Commons Third bill passed but never went into action Fourth bill: Northern Ireland as Home Rule-run state
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