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Business Plan - Vending Machine

No description

albert fang

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan - Vending Machine

Q & A Prepared By:Andrew Wong Chee Choong Overhead
Human Resource
Shipping Cost
Payout to investors Operation Cost Prepared By:Andrew Wong Chee Choong Funding Option
Loan Financial Plan Dandelion is a partnership company
Company is consisting of 8 partners
All partners are separately selected according to their specialization, into different departments. Management Team Prepared By: Tan Se Man Attends trade shows.

Develops advertising budget. Promotion Prepared By: Tan Se Man 2 Distinct Pricing Strategies.

Sets our machines with a reasonable price. Pricing Prepared By: Tan Se Man Aim to bring convenient to people.

Builds up good relationships with intermediary and suppliers.

Always check and update with our machines.

Attentive to our customers’ needs and complains. Strategy & implementation Presenter : Gan Hui Leng Market Analysis
Potential Market Prepared By: Fang Kun Kian First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits vending machines is a very useful vending machine. It can provide the medicine needed for the injury or fever. For example , first aid kits vending machine can provide product such as paracetamol , thermometer , adhesive bandages , masks and others. Prepared By: Fang Kun Kian Batteries vending machine
These days many electronics have internal rechargeable batteries. But the ways , for the product such as clock , torch , wireless mouse , the batteries still needed. With the batteries vending machine , the days will not be ruined for a lack of batteries. Prepared By: Neo Zi Sin Financial Goals
To maximize profit.
To ensure continuous sales growth.
To build good relationship with business partner. Mission Statement Prepared By: Neo Zi Sin To provide convenient service and time saving for public.

Ensure the excellent quality of products and services. Mission Statement Prepared By: Neo Zi Sin Company Info Company Address:
Tower 3A, Horizon, Bangsar South, No 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

Contact number:
016-7879204 (Mr Fang) Group member :
Fang Kun Kian 1102703421 Neo Zi Sin 1102703513
Tan Se Man 1102703355
Gan Hui Leng 1102703420
Goh Chien Yung 1102703527
Cheang chen li 1102703504
Andrew Wong Chee Choong 1102700262
Tan Zhin Ee 1102701144 Bae1024 – English Management Advance Business Plan – Vending Machine Prepared By:Andrew Wong Chee Choong Break even analysis Prepared By: Goh Chien Yung Organizational Chart Prepared By: Tan Zhin Ee Support a charity fund-raising activities
Create own account & Friend Page
Freindster Marketing strategy Prepared By: Tan Zhin Ee Employ an interface technical developer to create Internet focused site and ordering site.
Estimated at RM 8000
Registration for site hosting
Sites Design Fees
Maintenance Fees Development Cost and Requirement Prepared By: Tan Se Man Have an agreement with intermediary, so our machines can locate in many places.

Have a good relationships with branded products suppliers so that can attract more customers to buy products through our machines. Distribution Prepared By: Tan Se Man (c) Opportunities
- Increase in target market and types of machines.

(d) Threats
- Difficulty of distributions and placing our machines.
- Many competitors. SWOT analysis Prepared By: Tan Se Man (a) Strengths
- Providing excellent quality of products and services.

(b) Weakness
- Lack of visibility and diversification. SWOT Analysis Presenter : Gan Hui Leng 4. What ?

Top 5 voted products that potential customers most interested to purchase :

No. 1 Hot Meals
No. 2 Batteries
No. 3 Ice Cream
No. 4 First Aid Kits
No. 5 Electricity Customer Needs Prepared By: Fang Kun Kian Hot Meals
These machines essentially heat up frozen dinners. If you are hungry and want something hot and substantial to eat , you can buy the hot food from this machine. The menu of the machines, which are consists of pizzas, hot dogs, French fries , hamburgers and delicatessens such as peanut butter and apple pie , sandwiches , donuts. Prepared By: Cheang Chen Li Vending Machine What is the Product of the Company? Prepared By: Cheang Chen Li provides expertise in search of marketing solutions for business on a domestic range

Focus on connecting our customer’s mission, need & wants and target audiences.

We manage the task that helps company sell and position the product in the domestic market. Company Summary Prepared By: Neo Zi Sin Company Name: Dandelion
Floral meaning of dandelion
a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness
a promise of total faithfulness.
For us, wherever a dandelion can reach, there will always be our products ready to serve. Company Info Prepared By: Tan Zhin Ee Web plan Strategy Purpose:

To have own website is expand the business and increase the revenue sales. Content of the website:
Background of company
Information of products selling
Check the details availability of products
Find out about the ongoing promotional events by our company. Presenter : Gan Hui Leng 1. Who ?
- people aged between 15 – 64 years old
- students, workers, housewives

2. Where ?
- school, Universities and Colleges, companies, shopping complexes, housing area and etc

3. How ?
- advertising
- nice outlook designed
- provide user guides Target Market Prepared By: Fang Kun Kian Ice Cream
Ice cream vending machines will be very popular in Malaysia. These machines look great in the hot season. In Malaysia where you get a vending machine that will deliver your ice cream fix to you without any need for human contact. This ice cream vending machines will popular in campus and office which student and staff can buy it as a dessert. Prepared By: Fang Kun Kian Electricity vending machine
Mobile device chargers give you a small locker where your phone can be charged. They feature a wide variety of adapters for example Samsung , I-phone , Nokia , Sony Ericsson , Motorola. Vending Machine Prepared By: Cheang Chen Li . First Aid Kits Electricity Batteries Ice-cream Hot Meals Service Business Retail Business Vending Machine Prepared By: Cheang Chen Li Who will be our main customers? Presenter : Gan Hui Leng Pharmacy Groceries Food Other competitors Major competitors Competitors
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