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Who Am I

No description

Alejandra Vasquez

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Who Am I

Traditions: Celebrate Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Gatherings with family, Church
Food: Pupusas, Pan con pollo, Tamales, Pastelitos de leche/frijoles, cofee with sweet bread
Language: Spanish
Entertainment: Fairs, Soccer, School activities, fire works
Music: Cumbias

To me family is very important. I try to keep as close as I can with my family because we arent a big family and I feel i need to be as close as possible to my relatives because any of them can be taken away with a snap of a finger. Also because they are the only ones who will be there for me at any given situation or if I need anything I kow I can go to them and ask for advise. I also know my family they wont lie to me since I know they want the best for me as much as I want the best for them. At the end of the day family is the only thing I got.
Favorite song to sing to my son
I can make better decisions than before
I can control my anger
Go to college
Part time job
Own my own business
Own my own house/car
Create healthy environment for me and my son
To keep bettering myself as time passes
Avoiding conflicts
Doing the right thing
Who Am I
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