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1001 More Achievement Strategies

1001 more Achievement Strategies - A presentation detailing a range of successful achievement strategies used by schools delivered at the Sports Colleges conference Feb 2011 by Paul Hynes and Dominic Wilkes from SSAT

Mr P Hynes

on 13 March 2012

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Transcript of 1001 More Achievement Strategies

Have you tried the free web applications for word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations, image editing etc.?
Google docs? Photoshop? Picasa? Do English and maths have the same line manager?
Are there shared line management meetings for core subjects?

Colour code seating plans in classes - linked to intervention
Provide a 'lilac' list of approx 20 students to all staff
All staff responsible for engaging with these students 1001 More Achievement Strategies Paul Hynes and Dominic Wilkes, SSAT

Visit us on stand 829 to talk strategies
and see the range of support available
Presentation at http://bit.ly/e2g0Cd Staff Parents Pupils Revision Data What is the value of the devices your students own or have access to? What tools have we got to work with?
PlayStation? iPod Touch? Mobile phone?
MP3 player? Xbox? DVD player? Laptop?
Netbook? iPhone? Nintendo DS? PSP?
eBook Reader? iPad?

How are you exploting these? Lesson observations are rubbish

Go for ‘Learning Walks’ with HODs
Observe staff every day
10 observed lessons per year is only 1% of teaching
Everyone can turn it on for an observation

Issue all staff with a door wedge Glogster Prezi and friends Wordle or Tagxedo Voicethread Wallwisher or LINO IT Make their jaws drop during revision! http://voicethread.com/?#q.b12295.i79991 http://libwithattitude.glogster.com/frankenstein http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/FSpledges http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/2736814/Macbeth Exam day They must know themselves – ask them…
Which 5 Cs are you going to get?
Which 8 GCSEs are you going to get?
What is your predicted value added score?
What are your priority areas?
What is missing from you getting the next grade? What does C,B,A,A* look like?
Exemplar work
Get students to mark work as a homework
Get students using mark-schemes
Give them the Examiner’s Report
Create moderation videos
Get the Chief Examiner in

Produce a clear policy on the display of exemplar work
Include signposted comments on how the assigned grade was achieved and what would be needed to achieve the next level Year 11 Passport to the Prom
A booklet made in house for Y11 or personalised to specific populations or curriculum groups

Pages can include:
Signed off coursework
Stamps for attending key revision sessions
Website challenges
e-Mentoring log
Post 16/careers sign off
SAM Learning time

Send invitations out in batches! Have an inspiration wall
Signed photos of famous people
Good luck messages from
Ex-students What incentives and rewards do you use?
Do they work?
What do the students want? Already tried it and it didn’t work
Already tried it and its great
Not tried it yet and I think it won’t work
Not tried it yet and I think it will be great Warning
Some of the achievement strategies mentioned in this presentation are contentious and, although are proved to raise achievement, they may be against the moral and ethical principles of some teachers Put the results of last year's students up in the school reception Attendance
Link % attendance to number of days absent
(80% = 39 days missed)
Link to last year's students
Use the 'wise up' programme to make it real Schools thrive on structure
Students are used to it
Most kids need it!
- give them a day-to-day structure for the school holidays Parents Information Evenings
Have different themed evenings
'How to survive exam season'
'The Final Countdown'
Ask them to bring their diaries

List all key dates in a variety of formats
Give them a wallet sized card with them on
Give them a calendar with them on
Give them a fridge magnet

Run through support available
Have other parents available Engaging parents
Do they know...
Which 5 Cs their child is going to get?
Which 8 GCSEs their child is going to get?

Get them to focus on the magic 4
sleep, diet, exercise and a quiet study area Produce a Parents Support Booklet for each subject
What do the students need to know?
How can the parents help in that subject?
Coursework requirements and dates
Cover teaching and learning techniques
Cover revision strategies

Include 20 tips per subject
- Bitesize tips on how to help students with particular topics
Include a booklet of support work for when there is ‘no homework’ Students and parents learning together
- online masterclasses to access with their child

- Provide a daily revision plan for holidays Parental contact timeline
- reduce the 'learning lag' Can all staff level work correctly?
Are their forecast grades accurate? (check against last year)
Visit other schools
Pay people from other schools to help
Do they use the detailed post-exam analysis?
Get the experts in
'Wrong predictions mean you chase the wrong rabbits' All staff…
Must have an aspirational but realistic target for all students
They must understand where the grade came from
The expectation is that the target grade is achieved Staffing Timetable
Timetable so your best teachers teach the crucial groups
Do you match teachers to particular students?
Do you have special 'maths' tutor groups?

Registration can be 100 hrs per year
How can it be used as a learning experience?

Hold separate assemblies for key groups
Underachievers, disaffected, A*/A, C/D, G/U, all achievers, girls, boys?
Use external motivators Use your spaces
Will your students see the best teachers in your school?
Have large sessions led by your most motivating staff
Session supported by other staff back in class
Small group areas for small group focus Who owns the data?
Can they communicate effectively? Are you setting a target for 8 A*-C and EBacc?

5A*-C is a distant memory...
Many schools still use value added

Don’t focus on C/D at expense of others
A ‘U’ instead of a ‘G’ is 2½ times worse than a ‘D’ instead of a ‘C’ Where are you losing Value Added?
Work it out – for every subject, class, teacher, student…
Publish to all staff?

Produce a hit list of negative Value Added students
Mention it constantly
Attach SLT to the students Which students will get Maths but not English?
Which students will get English but not Maths?
What are you doing about it?

Use the free 'Visualising the National Challenge' tool Understand the data
Make sure SLT and governors understand Value Added
If one person doesn’t it will appear not important
Make sure staff understand Value Added
Produce a data users guide for staff

Use the value added data to set
challenging targets for ALL students Do you have a Data Enabler?
Look at getting access to the Data Enabler toolkit (includes Ebacc Visualiser and Frameworks for A and A*)

Ensure your data use is robust – validate it with the National Data Managers Award
Arrange a whole staff data INSET

All queries to etools@ssatrust.org.uk
www.ssatrust.org.uk/dataenabler Playing the data game…
Get the extras in!
Make sure all EAL students do GCSE in their main language
Get statemented SEN right
Look at ASDAN, ALAN, COPE etc.
Music exams
Sports Leaders etc.

They all count points towards value added High Visibility – The Data ‘War Room’
Y11 need project management
You need the systems in place to track everything
Y11 Learning Manager needs a ‘war room’
with traffic light regular monitoring systems Individual revision timetables
Re-timetable for certain students during ‘study leave’
Make it personal
Get parental support – phone home if missed What do revision sessions look like?
Don’t run open revision sessions
– they attract the wrong students

Where do you hold you revision sessions?
All aboard ‘the revision barge’...? Get rid of old fashioned revision lessons - students are not engaged!
Be imaginative
Speed dating
RAMBAM - Read a minute, bullet a minute
Blockbusters, Articulate, Trivial Pursuit, Millionaire
I’m a ‘D’ grade get me out of here
Snowballing, Mindmaps, Use former students...
Colour code priorities
Get students to record their own podcasts
Recreate a rolling PowerPoint

Regroup by ability, weakness, learning style, topic etc. Use online revision materials
Systems like SAM Learning and Iamlearning work
Motivate students to use them
Use rewards for time online

Use BBC Bitesize
Materials now in mobile phone format
There are a range of iPod apps available Create videos of top tips and pitfalls from past students Exam day
Breakfast club – minibus collects ‘risky’ students
Call students who have not arrived 15 mins before start time
Pep talk by a member of staff – cover key points and topics
Finish with a joke or funny video
Walk to exams – make it an experience
Provide water/sweets/fruit on exam desk
SLT to start all exams with a positive message
Invigilators to fetch SLT if someone stops working Exam day
Celebrate Paper 1 finishing
Issue reminders of Paper 2 contents
Run an immediate revision session Mock exams
Why do they have to be at the same time?
Exactly reproduce the real exams
Keep the systems/structure the same
Personalised re-mocks NLP before the exam to calm students down

No shouting in the exam hall! How recognisable are your senior leaders?
Is their profile high enough?
Can mobile technologies help?
Test the students! How well do you know your students?
What is their background?
What motivates them?
What works best with them?
Who works best with them? Countdown to exams
- around the school
- on computers Have a 'dads and lads' night
Go macho!
Fish and chips, McCoys, Yorkies...
Where...? - the pub? football ground? Use banners outside school to celebrate success and give reminders Use the phrase 'upgrades' rather than 'resits' Hold a Mock Results day
Close the school?
Print the results on special paper
Put the results in envelopes
Take photos and video to use later
Have careers advice and intervention available
Use Microsoft PhotoStory to make a montage... Provide a ‘hand over’ opportunity for every member of staff who is leaving to discuss exam group progress and coursework completion
New staff picking up new groups will have the best information available School Celebration Policy
What is it?
How do you celebrate?
For staff? For students?
Can staff nominate students for a 'praise' phone call home
Simple postcards home work well

Public? Press?

Is it as robust as the Behaviour Policy? Use free tools like xy labeller What is effective revision? What techniques do you share? Pause for thought
- Your chance to digest, discuss and share Ebacc intervention
Which students will get four out of the five subjects?

The Data Enabler Toolkit can help with this.
Potentially this gives five groups for intervention
Which of these students will benefit from intervention?
How will you manage intervention so that weaker students do not feel disadvantaged? Use Educational Outcomes to compare the performance of your school against local and national benchmarks

It is available free of charge to affiliated schools
Go to www.ssatrust.org.uk/results to access the full features
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