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Duke University Recruitment Prezi

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Larissa L.

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Duke University Recruitment Prezi

Duke University
What it is:
a residential, medium-sized private university located in Durham, North Carolina with undergraduate and graduate courses

offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees

Founded in 1838 as a subscription school
and renamed Norman College in 1851; began to give out degrees in 1853

Renamed Trinity College in 1859

Given $300,000 total by Washington Duke; one of his sons established the Duke Endowment in 1924 = helped the university with its finances
History Cont.
Created new campus and remodeled the old one; the new addition to be named Duke University after Washington Duke in the 1920s

Constant changes and new additions in career choices and schools/campuses; changed from a small college to a university; continues to change to meet new standards
Semester-long courses

Two main academic paths; liberal arts &
sciences and engineering

Offers 50 majors, 47 minors, and 24 certificates
Examples of majors:
Art History
Computer Science
Environmental engineering
Civil engineering
Visual Arts
Example of Minors:
Art History
Asian and Middle Eastern studies
Classical archaeology
Examples of Certificates:
Aerospace engineering
Documentary Studies
Approximately 13% of the applicants are admitted
30-40% of those admitted are enrolled

Important factors of admission:
challenging academic program
Class ranking
Extracurricular activities
Personal qualities
Standardized test scores
Application essay

Use either
ACT and writing exam
SAT and two SAT subjects
ACT composite score and the highest subscores
SAT Critical Reading, Writing, and Math subscores and the two highest subject test subscores
Tuition and fees: $45,376
Room and board: $12,902
Books and supplies: $1,300
Estimated personal spending: $2,710
Transportation costs: $500
Estimated total: $62,248
Note: the prices listed above may not be what you pay
Students are able to receive financial aid from the school
Financial Aid
Duke is a need-blind college and will help students in paying for their tuition

Approximately 50% of all undergraduates apply for financial aid; 90% of those who applied received some sort of financial aid

88% of those who are given financial aid given scholarships/grants and 12% took jobs/loans

Aid given includes need-based, merit, and athletic; scholarships and grants
Setting and Services
Located in Durham NC on 8,500 acres of land, most of it being Duke Forest (7,060 acres)

Divided into 10 colleges within, such as School of Business and Pratt School of Engineering

Examples of Facilities: libraries, marine laboratory, humanities institute, science research institute
Student Body
6,500 undergraduates

50% women and 50% men

7:1 student to faculty ratio

87% graduation rate

First year students live on campus in the East Campus; sophomores, juniors, and seniors may live on the West or Central Campus

Housing options: Coed housing, men's housing, women's housing, apartments for single students, wellness housing, themed housing

Seniors may live outside of campus

NO pets allowed
Member of NCAA

Mascot: the Blue Devils

Sports offered in division, intercollegiate, intramural, scholarship, and clubs:

Campus safety and security (24 hour patrols)
Computer services
Health and safety( health services and insurance)
Transportation (buses/own car)
Services for physically disabled students
Career services (internships)

Examples of extracurricular activities
Concert band
Greek life (more than 30 sororities/fraternities)
Student newapapers (called
The Chronicle
Marching band
Model UN
Television station
29% men join sororities

42% women join fraternities
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Statue of Washington Duke
Marxism and society
Study of Ethics
Creative Writing
Duke East Campus
Just for Fun...
Cameron Indoor Stadium
West Campus Building
Levine Science Research Center
Inhabitants of the
Duke Lemur Center
Self-explanatory Title

#1 “Smartest City” and #2 “Brainiest City”

“Raleigh-Durham has just about every intangible useful in attracting and developing a smart populace: It's a university hub, including three of the nation's elite schools...and those schools led to one of the nation's great technology incubators (Research Triangle).”
A Little Something About Durham...
Durham listed in the Top 10 “Best Places to Live” by U.S.News and World Report
Duke University and the World
48% of undergraduates study abroad

300 partnerships and exchange agreements with other universities around the world

Go to
for more information
Duke Chapel
Eruditio et Religio:
Knowledge and Faith
By Larissa L.
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