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No description

Charlie Brunner

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Banking

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When the bank loans it to people they charge them extra money.
Three benefits of a bank account
You can have a safe deposit box to protect your valuables from fire or thefts. Also you can keep your money safe in bank from fire or thefts. Finally the bank pays you interest for keeping money in their bank.
where does a bank get its money

Electronic banking
The bank gets its money from people who deposit their money into the bank.
Where does a bank get its money?
What does a bank do with its money?
Loans it out to other people and the bank pays you interest for letting them use your money.
How does a bank earn a profit?
When you transfer money online.
3 safety precautions when electronic banking
When Your electronic banking remember to not follow links. Also remember to get updates. finally remember to be prepared to erase your data.
The End
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