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Caroline Atwell

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Earliest Greeks
Buildings/ Monuments
~ religious practices of the Minoans generally focused on females
~ They mainly worshipped goddesses
ex. Ariadne , Mistress of animals, cities ,
and households

~ they lived on Crete

-The term Minoan comes from King Minos 0f Knossos

- The Minoans cattle, sheep, and goats
- They also domesticated bees ( raised bees)
- They grew wheat, barley, chickpeas
- They also prepared grapes, figs, olives

Minoan Decorations
~a dolphin motif
~pottery was a very
common decoration

~bull leaping is the most common sport
~boxing, wrestling were also sports
~ both men and women were athletes

~ was based off of agricultural trade to people in the Middle East


~ They learned some from the Egyptians
~ Started out as Hieroglyphics form and later becomes a more Phonetic form
~This is known today as the Linear A


~ their government is a thalassocracy
~ that means the rulership was based off control over the seas
~their location also gave them an advantage on trading
~another advantage was they had due to their advanced ship building skills
~the nations strength was determined by its naval power and sucess in trading
Family Structure
~ Women were respected and even given authority in their culture
~The female deities were also dominant
~ The men were normally at sea for military reasons and the women were on land
~While the men were away thw women were required to do all of the mens tasks
Minoan Clothing

~ The women wore elaborate clothing
~ The clothing was not made of cloth but of strings woven tightly together
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