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One Pager

No description

Melanie Barron

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of One Pager

One Pager
First, look over your 3.4 notes (pages 13-15) and circle 8 words that describes Hammurabi and his laws
Now, UNDERLINE three important ideas from your 3.4 notes
1. Write a Title for your one pager that has to do with Hammurabi and how harsh his laws were
*Remember creativity is always nice :)
Ch. 3.4
2. Draw a picture in the middle of your page of what you think Hammurabi looked like
3. Pick 6 words that describe Hammurabi or his laws

Write these 6 words along the edge of your paper to create a border
4. Answer the following question on your one pager:

Why were these laws so important?
5. Write down one new law for today that Hammurabi would like.
Take the rest of the time to finish up anything that you did not finish the first time around.

Now PUT YOUR Notes away! It is time to use your minds :)

6. Draw a picture of the Stella with Hammurabi's code

Hammurabi's Code
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