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ECS Career Day

Working in Fashion - and studying Fashion in Milan, Italy

Sabrina Salvo

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of ECS Career Day

Sabrina Salvo; ECS Grad of '05
Master of Fashion Management, Milan The world of Fashion - From Montreal to Milan How did I end up in FASHION? Let's talk about you... "Mom, Dad... I'm moving to Milan..." Back to School Master in Fashion Management Domus Academy 1.What is fashion?
Models, expensive clothes... right?
It's a way to express ourselves. It's a way to show our mood, our feelings, and our personalities.
Why do people want to work in fashion? Because at the end of the day, fashion is ART. 2. How did I end up fashion?
ECS - ART. drawing.
Cegep - Business
University - Marketing - start to understand consumer behaviours and the psyche of people
... started becoming more and more interested in fashion. spent a lot of time in italy, which really opened my eyes to fashion being art.
FIRST THINGS FIRST: Fashion in Montreal is more widespread than we think. It's not all about NY, Paris, London, Milan... fashion is everywhere.
MONTREAL: Reitman's, Dynamite, Beyond the Rack + SSENSE, Matt and Nat, Michael Kors, Target, just to name a few.
ALDO - fun, young, worldwide. different from the rest.
What did I do there?
MERCHANDISE PLANNING Art Commerce Marketing Buying collection building
trend forecasting
sales analysis
in-season management Merchandise Planning budget and profit analysis
sales forecasting
markdown and inventory control ...what was next? Why Aldo? head office in montreal
young and exciting
many opportunities
...connections... Hey Milan! fashion capital of the world
best design schools in the world - business week 2009
international students networking opportunities Fashion Week What we do... Important Projects Events What should you do? What you
Take advantage of your resources
Get involved
Network ... one step at a time Questions?
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