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The Five Visions of Khedrubje

No description

Ngawang Thekchen

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of The Five Visions of Khedrubje

The Five Visions of Khedrubje
The next time Khedrup Je invoked his Guru, Tsongkhapa appeared – this time in the form of a 16 year old, Bodhisattva Manjushri, with a red-orange body, sitting upon a bejewelled white lion. In this form, Tsongkhapa advised Khedrup Je to spread the tantric teachings.
In Khedrup Je’s fourth vision of his Guru, Tsongkhapa appeared in the form of a yogi with long red hair tied with green silk at the top of his head. He was riding a ferocious tiger and his right hand carried a flaming sword like Manjushri while his left held a skull cup of nectar at his heart. Tsongkhapa advised him that whenever he thought of his Guru, he should read the treatises Tsongkhapa composed on the two stages of generation and completion of the path of the Tantras.
The final time that Tsongkhapa appeared to Khedrup Je in a vision, he was in the form of an ordained monk, in the middle of a white cloud. Tsongkhapa told Khedrup Je that he was giving a teaching on Wu Tai Mountain in China to an assembly of more than 1800 holders of the vajra. He advised Khedrup Je to make prayers to go there too and that they would meet again soon.

On Lama Tsongkhapa’s last appearance to him, Khedrup Je cried and cried and asked his Guru, “Please may I not stay on Earth anymore. May I join you in Gaden Heaven, please?” Khedrup Je had already asked Lama Tsongkhapa this many times previously and each time, Lama Tsongkhapa had told him not to come yet. However, on that last occasion, Lama Tsongkhapa said to him, “Yes, you may come.” Khedrup Je went into meditation, passed into clear light and was born in Gaden Heaven with his Guru, Lama Tsongkhapa.
Tsongkhapa was seated on a jeweled seat, upon a white elephant with six tusks. Tsongkhapa spoke to Khedrup Je and advised him to not be consumed by sadness and that if he thinks of his Guru, he could purify the negative actions he had previously committed and accumulate much merits. Tsongkhapa also advised him to read the mystical songs by Milarepa and to work on developing the teachings.
At another time, upon the request of Khedrup Je, Tsongkhapa appeared again, this time on a throne of gold and jewels, held by many youthful celestial beings. Tsongkhapa gave Khedrup Je teachings to clarify his questions and deepened his understanding of the doctrine.
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