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Hollywood Physics mission impossible 2

Mission impossible 2

Marlee Seymour

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Hollywood Physics mission impossible 2

Mission: Impossible II The Numbers Cruise: m= 80 kg v= 25 m/s
Scott: m=80 kg v= 25 m/s
Impact time= 0.015 s
Area of impact= 0.35 m²
The Formula p=mv
p= (80)(25)= 2000 N

impact force= change in p 2000
__________ = _____ = 133,333 N
change in t 0.015
pressure= Force 133333
_____ = ______ = 380,952 N/m²
Area 0.35 In other words... 380952 N/m² = 55.3 lb/in²
Any pressure of 340000 N/m² (50 lb/in²) results in a 50% chance of death.

This means that even if Cruise did not die, he would certainly sustain massive trauma to his entire body, therefore not being able to fight Scott for the rest of the movie. Good or Bad Physics?
Bad. In the motorcycle scene, neither Cruise nor Scott would be able to come out of such an impact without horrible injuries. http://movieclips.com/kDAa-mission-impossible-2-movie-motorcycle-chase/ What Happens Actors Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott get in a motorcycle chase and eventually go head on and collide mid-air without a scratch. http://movieclips.com/kDAa-mission-impossible-2-movie-motorcycle-chase/
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