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Removable - Extra Credit Project

Christina Sims

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Over-Denture

Overdentures Edentulous Patients
Implant or Tooth Supported
Offers Stability
Implant-Retained Prostheses What is an Overdenture? Advantages Presented By:
Amireh Awad
Jiyoung Jung (JJ)
Rafa Mobarak
Chrisitna Sims
David Wong Time to Adjust
Preparation before Installation
root canal&/or implants
Need Bone
contraindicated osteoporosis &/or periodontitis
Non-Fixed Prosthodontics
prone to cracking (anterior teeth)
Potential for Food Trapping
Difficult to Clean
Requires Follow-ups
Cost Disadvantages Types of Overdentures Implant-Retained Prostheses Stable Arch Form
Easy to Adjust
Neuromuscular Coordination
Fewer Post-Insertion Issues
More Comfortable
Bundle Bone Deposition
Reduce Bone Resorption
Psychologically Comforting improved biting,
chewing & speaking
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