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Angel Beats in Terms of Theory of Knowledge

In other words, why we should watch Angel Beats in class

Grace Magdamo

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Angel Beats in Terms of Theory of Knowledge

Angel Beats in Terms of
Theory of Knowledge AKA, Why we should watch Angel Beats in class Communication Language Student Council and Battlefront Lack of Communication The inability to communicate between Battlefront and "Angel" leads to misunderstanding and then war The communication within Battlefront represents the difference between Yurippe's persuasion and Kanade's standoffish-ness Yurippe is followed, even though she's wrong, while Kanade, the one who sees what's right, is fought against The lack of communication leads to the lack of understanding This clip is from Episode 9: In Your Memory, where Otonashi realizes that Kanade was trying to help Battlefront reach peace the whole time. Ethics Otonashi He is the only one who questions Battlefront's actions regarding ethics Yet he still stays with the SSS He is more open-minded than the rest of Battlefront, and he can see that Angel is sentient. He feels bad for her, and this leads to their communication He wants them to make peace no matter what, even if they don't want to, in the best possible way (as opposed to Kanade's ineffective method and Naoi's violent method) Ethics Death Consider this: would you have any qualms about killing someone in a world where they cannot die? In addition: Yurippe's 3 siblings were killed right before her eyes, yet she now has no problem kicking people off of roofs, or launching them into the ceiling Because in the Afterlife, death is cheap Perception Afterlife Yurippe Kanade Views Afterlife as a place to vent frustration, a battleground Afterlife is a waystation to the next life To move on is to be "obliterated", or "annihilated" To move on is to reach "transcendence" They perceive passing on completely differently Perception Life Yurippe Kanade Life is a gift, try to make the most of it, even if it's not the best Resents life, all she can see is the unfairness; it's something to be thrown away Otonashi Unconsciously believed what Kanade knew. He is fighting because he doesn't remember and has nothing better to do in Afterlife - once he remembers, he sees it as Kanade sees it Perception Rules Yurippe Kanade Rules are part of God's regime, which she must defy Rules must be followed to ensure maximum satisfaction in life/achieve fulfillment It's the only way she knows to make them pass on Noda Emotion Out of all the characters, Noda is the one whose emotions guide his life after death This guy... ...does this Ironic? Oh yeah... He doesn't care about his life - he joined for Yurippe; he's accepted his life, but stays for her Hinata Emotion Similar to Noda, but unlike him, Hinata actually sees her struggle, and wants to protect her He accepts that his life was pathetic, but becomes swept up in the Battlefront's cause, eventually losing sight of his original acceptance Existence of Life Natural Sciences How do things actually exist? The trees, birds, fish, etc - they're alive, not computer generated, like the NPCs/normal students If the Atheist Theory that a computer rather than God created the Afterlife is true, then how can these things exist? How can the Afterlife exist without God? Software Human Sciences Angel Player: the software Angel uses to modify herself Shows the fragility of the world and supports the computer theory So what is this world, if the Angel doesn't get her power from God? This question, a legitimate religious curiosity, is never answered Programmer/Creator Human Sciences Programmer Turned the NPCs into shadows in the prescence of love in order to turn the humans into NPCs so there would be no loneliness Once again shows the fragility and brings up the "God or computer" question Creator Is it God? Or is it a computer? Yurippe Reason Her unfair life led to her arrival in Afterlife, which she believed to be controlled by God. Because she blames Him for the death of her siblings and her inability to save them, she rebelled against Him. She created Battlefront, which rebelled by breaking rules they believe is part of God's plan. The student council president, "Angel", is there to enforce said rules, and scolds them for doing so. Battlefront creates weapons, Angel creates guard skills, and chaos begins. This is the Afterlife under Yurippe's logic. Because of her personality, she is unable to see any alternatives God Reason It is likely that they were raised to believe in God, and as a result can't let that belief go Even though they're rebelling against Him, they still believe They want to believe in God because they need something to rebel against Doubt and Certainty Knowledge Yurippe has the idea discussed in Reason: Yurippe Nobody questions her logic (until Otonashi) Battlefront follows her blindly, whether they believe in her cause or not Is this because they trust her? Or they just need to vent frustration? Do they just desperately need someone to follow? This question is answered: they follow her because they love her, and she loves them. This creep tells her AKA, the GOOD summary An Alternate Summary of Angel Beats! "It sucks being dead. Sucks even more to be trapped in a surreal afterlife where you're caught between the living and the dead—where a mysterious, violent Angel is trying to pull you over to...somewhere. What do you do? Well, if you're this group of rough-and-tumble teens, you grab every weapon you can get your hands on and give Heaven hell! High-caliber action and locked-and-loaded comedy meet on a rock and roll battleground in Angel Beats!"

~quote by the awesome people who made this video:
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