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Non Violent Resistance To Imperialism

No description

Kenny Tillett

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Non Violent Resistance To Imperialism

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Non Violent Resistance To Imperialism
Why it's an effective mean of trying to resist colonial ruler
Nonviolence is the only answer to stopping violence.
Gandhi: "Real strength resides in your ability to express your ideals".
Why people who consider nonviolence NOT consider violence
Smartest government always win
99% no deaths
People who are more educated would know that violence isn't a way of solving problems
Countries that don't have a lot of military power can stand a chance to the opposing country.
BY Vince and Kenny
The Best Examples of Non Violent Resistance To Imperialism?
Muhatma Ghandi le
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
John Lennon

Why is this the best option?
When it comes to violence, a bigger conflict arises
Why is violence the worst option?
When violence has started, it continues to breed more violence.
Non-violent protest most associates with the intent to make a social or political change, which we want to stop imperialism
It causes psychological problems
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