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roller coaster marble maze

science fair

melissa romero

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of roller coaster marble maze

roller coaster
What is a Roller Coaster Marble Maze?
By: Marisol Ubera Antony Moreno
We were interested in this experiment because:
a. We had to find out how high the initial drop must be
b. How big the loops needed to be
c. Challenging
The marble will have enough potential energy to go around the loops twice
1. 2 pipe insulation
2. marbles
3. scissors
4. tape
5. wall
This procedure is to show how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.
You have to find the initial drop in order for the marble to go around the loops
We discovered that we had to:
a. The loops had to be in the correct position in order for the marble to go around the loops correctly
b. Find the right angle in order for the marble to gain enough potential energy
c. Taping the pipe to the wall was difficult beause the pipe had to be tight and firm
Our hypothesis is correct , the marble did have enough potential energy to go around the loops twice.
initial drop
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