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China and Korea to 1279

No description

alex nielsen

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of China and Korea to 1279

By: Kaylee Hill and Alex Nielsen China and Korea to 1279 Buddhism Founded by Siddartha Gautama(563-483) and
teaches to acheive enlightenment through self
perfection and discipline. Shang Dynasty 1600-1050 BCE Zhou and Qin Dynasties 1050-206 BCE Bronze Age Bronze, Lacquer, and especially Jade Han Dynasty and Period of Disunity 206 BCE - 581 CE Tang Dynasty 618 CE - 907 CE Korea: unified Silla Kingdom, Golden Age China: unequaled prosperity and power. History Civilization originated in the Ancient World. Dynasties ruled and expanded boundaries,except for the Period of Disunity. Unit Concepts Families ruled government, called dynasties.
Buddhism was central to their lives, dominating religion.
The art was abstracted, with flowing lines.
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