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Kazakh diaspora in modern world

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Akbobek Abilkhaiyrkyzy

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Kazakh diaspora in modern world

The aim of the work:
The aim of the study is a detailed consideration of the problems of the Kazakh compatriots living abroad, as well as assessment of the current state of the question of "Kazakh Diaspora". This goal necessitates the following tasks:
Consideration of the concept of "Kazakh Diaspora";
Analysis of formation of the Kazakh Diaspora abroad;
Evaluation of the Kazakh Diaspora in the countries of Europe, America, Central Asia ;
Analyze the current status of the Kazakh language abroad.
discussion of actual problems of the modern state the Kazakh Diaspora, its ethno-cultural perspectives, socio-economic development, particularly in the context of the expansion of ties with the Republic of Kazakhstan
A collective of multifaceted development and discussion of the problems of modern Kazakh Diaspora has an important cultural or socio-political importance because of the Diaspora should play a leading role in the development of good-neighbourly and mutually beneficial interstate relations. Stable professional tomonitoring Diaspora – the actual demand of time from the point of view of geopolitics and, in particular, it is particularly important for the implementation of comprehensive cooperation of Kazakhstan with the countries of Central Asia, individual regions.
Upcoming scientific forum aims to play a special role in the expansion and deepening of scientific research of the Kazakh Diaspora, in determining the prospects for further research in understanding the disclosure and the practical preservation of its unique historical and cultural heritage, to further improve the multifaceted and funded policy of our state in respect of the foreign community of Kazakhs.
refers to one of the six categories of ethnic politics and characterized as "a minority ethnic group who migrated living and acting in her adopted country, but has strong sentimental and material links with the country of origin
The relevance of the work
The relevance of studying ethnic groups of Kazakhs important: its history, culture and way of life, because a comprehensive scientific study of the Kazakhs abroad will enrich our knowledge about one of the most important ethnic groups of the region, the more it will be possible to evaluate the real contribution of Kazakhs in the development of the region. In the study of modern culture of Kazakhs abroad it is important to raise the practical issues of establishing a professional layer of culture in a broad sense that also includes education. Modern ethno-linguistic situation also needs attention, for example the actual disadvantage of the Kazakh language, problems of teaching of native language and training in the Kazakh language in places of compact residing of the Kazakh population.
Kazakh diaspora in modern world
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