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Jose History of Cell Phones

No description


on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Jose History of Cell Phones

History of Cell Phones
by. JOSE

4 GR


The first cell phone was invented in 1973. It was called Dine Tech Phone. People stayed were they were and it was easy fore people that had to travel allot, to say some thing to a person. The impact was that it made lives easy. The cell phone was one of the most important changes.
TEXTING 1993-1995
Texting made a big change on a cell phone. The texting is that you send some thing to another person and you don't said anything. With this change people didn't had to
move allot. The impact is that it made easy lives for every body. That was a grate change fore a cell phone.
In 2001 the cell phone changed to a new tip of keyboard. The qwerty board phones has the letters of the alpha bet but in order of the computer. It was easy to spell words. The impact is that it made beater spieling. The qwerty key board was a grate change in a cell phone.
RAZR V3 2001
The next change was the razr v3. The razer v3 used numbers instead of letters. People started to use this phones because the last one was selling bad. The impact was that it is a smaller and it was easy to chary. The razer v3 was a grate change for a cell phone.
I PHONE 2007
In 2007 there was the last change. The I Phone was the first phone that responds to fingers. The other cell phones were way to big. The impact was that it was the best selling phone. I Phones were the last change of cell phones.
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