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No description

한 유니

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of ppt2

moment in her life We can find the exist in this maze
by knowing about Hazel Korean name : Lee A rang
Birth day : March 15
Language : Korean, Filipino, Italian
Religion : Roman Catholic
Major : Civil Engineering, English Hazel She likes all kinds of cute stuff
especially, pink Hello Kitty.
I think she looks tough,
but underneath she is very soft-hearted,
because she also has a moment
of crisis. What can we know
through her favorites? HAZEL START HERE GUESS GUESS GUESS GUESS 1 A Moment Of In Her Life CRISIS when her hero and father died.. The HAPPIEST When she travels with her family. 2 She loves her boyfriend a lot. AS YOU KNOW, SOON TO MARRY WHAT : Wedding
WHEN : June, 2013
WHERE : Philippines and Italy
HOW : Church or Gardening wedding
WHY : They love each other FIVE W's AND ONE H GUESS Bible She is very religious person Highly recommended ! Introduce Hazel Her Favorites/Moments/Wedding Opinion I
X Introduction Body Conclusion is Through this study,
I can know about her thought
not only teacher Hazel, but also human Hazel,
and this is just a part of her.
However, I can be sure that
she is very considerate and strong,
and she loves us GUESS
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