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Christmas in America vs Mexico

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Emily Bumgarner

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Christmas in America vs Mexico

Christmas in Mexico vs America
By: Emily Bumgarner
Food in Mexico
The typical Hispanic Christmas foods in Mexico include red tamales, sweet tamales and pork tamales which are served throughout the Christmas holiday
During the "posadas" you can find Mexican hot chocolate, a stew called "birria", and "gorditas con carne deshebrada" which are corn made pockets with shredded beef, and "atole" (corn gruel)
For "nochebuena", Mexicans like to eat the tamales with a Mexican noodle casserold called "sopa seca". During this time drinks made of hot fruit or sparkling cider are also drank a lot.
Food in America
A lot of the food eaten in America during the Christmas season are deserts, such as custards, cookies, cakes, and pies.
Some of the staples of American Christmas food are gingerbread, candy canes, fruit cake, eggnog and cider, and fudge.
You can typically find a Christmas ham or turkey, along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and some sort of dessert being served for Christmas dinner.
Christmas Traditions in Mexico
Take off work at least 2 weeks before Christmas
Centered around family and celebrating Jesus' birth, not presents and Santa Claus
Celebration of Pasadas, which is the recreation of the nativity scenes and the events of the night of Jesus' birth
Begins much sooner than the traditional Christmas celebrations in America; Christmas Eve is celebrated for multiple days instead of just one night.
Christmas Tra
Christmas Traditions in America
Christmas in America is centered around presents, decorations, and food.
Christmas time is the busiest time for most working people, especially in retail.
Christmas Eve is the night before, instead of several days before Christmas.
Christmas has been made into more of a celebration of food, family, and friends, instead of religion. Some places are not even allowed to wish people a "Merry Christmas", it has to be "Happy Holidays"
Christmas Practices in Mexico
Christmas in Mexico is celebrated from December 16th through January 6th
People in Mexico celebrate Las Pasadas a couple weeks before Christmas, honoring Jesus' birth and the Nativity Scene.
Pinata's are an important way Christmas is celebrated in Mexico. They are usually used at parties to entertain guests, and are usually filled with fruits, nuts, candies and small toys.
Another festival that is celebrated for Christmas in Mexico is Dia de Reyes. This takes place 12 days after Christmas. During this time, children leave their shoes outside to be filled with presents from the Magi (three kings). This is also when the nativity scenes are taken down.
Christmas Practices in America
Celebrate communion usually Christmas Eve
Christmas day is usually the only day Christmas is actually celebrated
Going caroling is popular among people the Christmas season
Children leave cookies out for Santa Claus Christmas Eve
Santa Claus is visited by small children to be given their Christmas wishes, and he is said to come Christmas Eve to deliver presents under the tree.
Christmas Decorations in Mexico
The most popular and well known Mexican Christmas decoration is probably the red poinsetta flowers that are used in everything from decorating the tree to decorating cakes and giving as gifts of good fortune
Nacimientos are another popular decoration in Mexican culture. They are similar to our nativity scenes, however the baby Jesus is not added until Christmas Eve at midnight, and the three kings are not added until January 6th.
The pinata star is another popular decoration used in the Mexican culture. Pinata's are already very popular in Mexican culture, but the pinata star is especially popular during Christmas during the festivals and parties celebrated during the Christmas season.
Christmas Decorations in America
The most recognized decoration during the Christmas season in America is the Christmas tree.
Nativity scenes are also very popular, along with scenes of winter towns, or "Santa's Workshop"
Christmas lights are also very synonymous with Christmas in America, along with shiny ornaments and tree decorations
Another popular tradition with decorating for Christmas in America, is the tradition of decorating the yard with lights and figurines. Contests are held all over the country to see who can make the best scene in their yard.
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