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Copy of The Sinkin' Floatin' Submarine Project!

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on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Sinkin' Floatin' Submarine Project!

The Sinkin' Floatin' Submarine Project!
The Intro.
Welcome to Jasmine and Riya's Submarine.
Our Project- Build a submarine that floats, sinks, then floats again in a 30cm deep tank. It had to complete this mission in 5 minutes. With this, we also had to record the changing density of our submarine and write a "Captain's Log" during our building process.

Overall Project Preview
Our project's main idea came from the idea of
and the
Archimedes Principles.

Topic Question: How does the design of a submarine affect how it floats or submerges in water?

Hypothesis: If you place a balloon in inside of the submarine (connected to a tube), it will function properly because you are adding and subtracting air, which will make the submarine float and sink.

Design Procedure
Our calculations are as follows:
Mass of Submarine- 77.7grms
Volume of Submarine- 499.8 ml
Density of sinking sub- 1.155g/ml
Density of floating sub- .159g/ml

Overall summery is that our hypothesis was mostly proven right. Our submarine completed its mission.
The Titanic and Buoyancy
Science Investigations: Physical Science: Investigating Motion, Forces and Energy Discovery Education, 2004. Full Video. Discovery Education. Web. 13 November 2103.
Experementing with Bouyancy and Density
Science Investigations: Physical Science: Investigating motion forces and energy: Discovery Education, 2004. full Video. Discovery Education. web. 13 November 2013.
I Got That Sinking Feeling
O. “I Got that Sinking Feeling.” Mr O A video Blog from the Childrens Museum of Houston RSS. Stan Alexandru, 28 Sep. 2011. Web. 23 Nov. 2013. http://www.cmhoustonblog.org/2011/09/28/i-got-that-sinking-feeling/
Science of Submerging
O. "Science of Submerging." Mr O A Video Blog from the Childrens Museum of Houston RSS. Stan Alexandru, 5 Nov. 2011. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. <http://www.cmhoustonblog.org/2011/11/05/science-of-submerging/>.

Submarine Picture #1
Submarine picture #2
Submarine Picture #3
Submarine Picture #4
Submarine Picture #5

Buoyancy - The upward force exerted on objects to keep them afloat.
Displacement - Water is moved "out of the way" by an object when it is placed into water.
Archimedes' Principle - A body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displacement fluid.
Negative Buoyancy - Force of an object that is greater than the buoyant force (the object sinks)
Positive Buoyancy - Buoyant force is greater then the objects force (the object floats)
Neutral Buoyancy - Object force and Buoyant force is equal.
Video Research
Video- The Titanic and Buoyancy
Titanic sank due to increased density in the front part of the ship.
Water poured into places that had air, which caused the ship to sink.

Video- Experimenting with Buoyancy and Density.
Buoyant properties float easier in salt water and sink slowly in pure water.

Background Information
Dive Process
Submarines dive due to water filling their pipes that were once filled with air. This increases their density, making it sink. They resurface due to water replacing the air.
Web Research
Web- Sinking Feeling Video
When an object is dropped into a fluid, it pushes against the fluid due to gravity. Then it pushes back due to buoyancy which then relates to density.
Web- Science of Submerging
Adding and removing air and water from the bottle is key to a submarine.
Water Balloon
Rubber Bands
Sketch #1
Water Bottle
Rubber Bands
Masking/Duct Tape
Sketch #2
This is our final submarine that we will be using for dive day.
Final Product
I. The Introduction
II. Overall Project Preview
III. Research Information
IV. Design Procedure
V. Computations
VI. Conclusion
VII. Sources
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