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By: Maura and Hailey

Hailey Weber

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Autism

Autism is a growing mental
condition characterized by great
difficulty in communicating with
others and in using language and
abstract concepts such as reading
or imagination. Autism The cause of Autism There has been a lot of research done, but nobody has found the cause of Autism. Some research has shown that it might be a form of brain damage. Scientists think that the age of the parents, whether they used certain drugs, and family history of Autism Spectrum Disorders may cause Autism. Researchers are continuing to investigate and doing further studies. If the parents of the child have Autism, chances are that the child will also have the same disorder. 1) Avoid unnecessary vaccinations.
While the mother is pregnant she should try to limit the amount of vaccinations unless absolutely necessary. Some of the ingredients in the vaccinations can cause brain damage to the baby. Control and prevention 2) Nurse baby as long as possible.
Breast feeding is nature's best way to prevent illnesses in your child. 3) Eat organic and all natural foods.
Some foods have chemicals in them that aren't very good for the brain. The healthier you eat the more brain power you will have. Their are no stages to Autism; if you have it, you were born with it. But, parents can begin to notice signs of Autism in their child in between 12 and 24 months of age. Stages of Autism Although there is no way to completely cure your child of Autism, there are some treatments that have been found to decrease the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
1) Limit casein in your child's diet.
Casein is a protein found in milk and dairy products. Mounds of research have found that casein increases Autism symptoms. Thousands of children have gotten much better simply by eliminating this protein from their diet.
2) Limit gluten in your child's diet.
Gluten is a protein found in many grains such as wheat, whey, barley, etc. Similar to casein, gluten has also been found to increase Autism symptoms, and children with Autism have practically recovered by eliminating this protein from their diets. Treatments for Autism Symptoms vary so widely depending on the person. Not all people with Autism have the same symptoms. Here are symptoms that somebody with Autism might face:

>Difficulty in social relationships.
>Difficulty with language and communication.
>Abnormal responses to sensory tests.
>Behavior problems (ex: temper tantrum)
>Uneven development
>Eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping problems.
>Unbalanced immune systems
>Focusing difficulty and
>Learning and school difficulties Symptoms Although people with Autism face
many difficulties and challenges,
these people also have strengths.
Some strengths of Autistic people are:

>Drawing skills >Computer interest
and skills.

>Exceptional memory >Visual abilities Autistic people have strengths too!!! Burdens on society The government spends a lot
of money on the special needs of
Autistic people. Autism is a growing problem. Although, there are many autistic people that are able to support themselves. There aren't too many burdens on society. The amount of people with autism
has increased 78% in the last decade
and is continuing to increase. 1 in 88
children has autism. 1 in 54 boys
have autism. Autism is 4 times more
common in boys than girls. 4) Delay Vaccinations.
While vaccinations have done amazing things to the world in the past century, it is helpful to delay vaccinations to a schedule that is less harmful to a baby's immune system. This means no vaccinations a birth, and break up shots and give them over time, not all at once. 5) Avoid using and being around pesticides.
Pesticides are poisons that kill living creatures. You should avoid all exposure to these toxins while pregnant and in places were your baby goes. Autism is one of those really tough things in life because if you are born with Autism you will always have it. Autistic people can't always control how they act. People with Autism have feelings just as everybody does and it is important that we are very respectful and understanding around them. Autistic people can sometimes feel lonely or unwanted. Really, they are just the same as everyday ordinary people but their personality doesn't always show. 6) Professional help.
There are also specially trained
people called occupational therapists.
These people do activities
with Autistic children to help them with
their language and communication
difficulties. Since their were no books on Autism in the library, we used the internet instead.

Here are the websites that we used: www.prevent-autism.org wiki.answers.com
(search: What causes Autism?) www.autismcanada.org Thanks for listening!!!!! Our Sources Autism isn't contagious.
It is genetic, meaning that if your parents are Autistic, there is a good chance that you will also be Autistic. Transmit Ability Thanks for listening!!! We hope that we have
deepened your understanding
of Autism and Autistic people. The Autistic Brain has too many nerve fibers in the brain making certain parts of the brain not able to function properly. Some of the things that are effected are:
>Social abilities
>Imagination and other abstract concepts
>Focusing difficulty
>Reading, Writing and other language activities. The Autistic brain By: Maura and Hailey www.autismspeaks.org
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