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Aztec Education

By Emily Pertudo, Aliah Dizon, Christianna Bautista, and Mary Pertudo.

aliah dizon

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Aztec Education

This and Then Education Aztec Education for Commoners In the Aztec society there was two types of schools, the calmecac for the nobles and the telpochcalli for the commoners. But let's talk about the telpochcalli... In the telpochcalli, unlike the nobles, commoners didn't learn how to read and write, and students receive instructions at the telpochcalli by spoken words. Because of this, students needed to know their lessons through rote memorization. Let's talk about the telpochcalli... All students of the telpochcalli are given oral lessons, from Aztec history to citizenship duties. They also learned to play musical instruments like the flutes and drums, and to also dance the sacred dances. Boys spent their times at school doing hard physical labour, while the girls... Educating Aztec Women Well that's a different story... Aztecs thought it was important for girls to get good education. Every young girl, ignoring whatever her social rank is, attended school. But at age 16 though, most girls got married and was expected to move in with their husbands. Then they educated their own children until they were old enough to go to school. Aztec society did not undervalued their women even though they did not hold public office. Some women went with the army as doctors and healers because they had the most knowledge about medicinal herbs. Others chose to be priestesses and people consulted them to ask or choose a lucky to set out a great day to travel or maybe even the best day to get married. Older women served as matchmakers, pairing up young people for marriage. They also served as midwives. But all of them, boy or girl, they received practical instruction from their parents at home to prepare them for the family trade. And now let's talk about the modern day education system. Our Education aka the modern way Balance. That's all our society is about today, balancing our society and trying to be fair with everyone.
Just like the Aztecs, we have two kinds of school, a private school and a public school. Even though we have this two types of education system, the way of teaching their students is the same. In which it is very diffent than the Aztec ways. Here is a video of some opinions on this difference. And here is a video of the similarities and differences they have,
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