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"Being A Man" - Paul Theroux

Needs small details; Period 4

Karinna Alatorre

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of "Being A Man" - Paul Theroux

"Being A Man" - Paul Theroux

What is his argument?
His overall message is that gender roles limit society because of the discrimination individuals face when they don't fit into social norms, making them social misfits.
He states that "being a man" is a "unmerciful and punishing burden" because they are ostracized for enjoying the creative arts, and are only accepted if they prove their "masculinity" .
Karinna Alatorre
Joselyn Magana
Alexis Carrasco
Justin Chen
Ethan Alloway
How does Theroux define manhood/being a man?
Theroux declares that a man should be "stupid, unfeeling, obedient, soldierly" and that they must "stop thinking".
He also mentions that men are fetishists and it "is an important thing to know"
He states its destructive to both men and women

How does he support his claim?
Purpose of Definition
The purpose of Theroux using definition is to add further emphasis on his main ideas
It helps give the reader a better understanding of his ideas.
His use of definition throughout his essay made his argument persuasive and powerful.
How does Theroux construct an argument with the definition of manhood?
He uses the definition of manhood to compare the gender roles between men and women, which will later be used as evidence for his purpose.
He states his experience as a young teenager who was told to join a sport in order to attract the girls, and how he disliked the idea because he was interested in the creative arts.
Fetishism-desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement
Masculinity-having qualities appropriate to man (e.g. strong, tough, etc.)
Manhood-qualities of masculinity/qualities expected of men
Femininity-having the qualities of being a women (e.g. cooking, child bear, etc.)
Social misfit-a person with different views from others on culture and doesn't fit in with others (e.g. nerd, sensitive men, tough women, etc.)
He uses his experience as a writer who struggled to accept it because it was "incompatible with being a man".
He defines how America prepares a man to fit into society's social norm.
He compares the struggle of women and men, and explains that men object feminism because their "life are just as bad".
He uses sarcasm that shows the criticism that existed when he was a young male writer. ("the arts are pursued by uncompetitive and essentially solitary people")
He also used analogies of the American writer and gave exigency about them.
Using Definition in an Essay
it defines a word, term, or concept in depth by using one's own opinions on what the subject means
it must be understood by the reader what you are defining
stories, anecdotes, etc.should be used to help with the explanation
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