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The Big Picture: Education is EVERYONE'S Business

Book Review for EDUU 609

JaNae Burger

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of The Big Picture: Education is EVERYONE'S Business

The Big Picture: Education is EVERYONE'S Business
The Big Picture & Curriculum Design
Teach SKILLS & Knowledge
Use & celebrate the real world around us
No body of content is right for every kid
6 Facets of Understanding & The Big Picture
Ready, Set...GO!
The Big Picture: Education is Everyone's Business
Why is this Unique?
Why is this book valuable?
We have plenty of people of can teach what they know, but very few who can teacher their own capacity to learn
Dennis Littky with Samantha Grabelle
Educator Tip:
Educator Tip:
Educator Tip:
Educator Tip:
Educator Tip:
"What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."
-George Bernard Shaw. Page 5~
Teaching and learning are about problem solving. Education is the process by which you put teachers and learners in the best possible environment for them to do this together.
~Page 16~
Dennis Littky and Elliot Washor used these ideas to create their own school called the MET in 1996.
All student's educational programs should be designed by the people who know them best: their parents, their teachers, and themselves.
~Page 78~
Many people say it is difficult to implement integrated curriculum...
This is ridiculous! The WORLD is integrated!
What is difficult is what schools do every day: Unravel the world and all its vast knowledge and put it into boxes called subjects and separate things that are not separate in the real world.
~Page 28~
Think about how people learn best:
We learn best when we care about what we are doing
When we have choices...
We learn best when we are using our hands and minds
We learn best when the work is real and relevant
~Page 28~
Society is asking our graduates for skills and fast-paced communication...
Our schools are still giving them facts and one-way lectures
The world is changing- our schools are not.
At the MET we EXPLAIN concepts by teaching skills and how to INTERPRET real life data by APPLYING it to actual experiences. This provides students with PERSPECTIVE as they can see the big picture and understand how the information influences outcomes. Students can then EMPATHIZE as they work with others and develop their own SELF-KNOWLEDGE.
So How Should Assessment Look?
~ Page 35 ~
Kids don't come in
packages... assess
Teach how students
learn best...
Nothing you hand a kid to learn will be as important as what's already inside them...
~ Page 96 ~
At the MET we do things backwards. We think in terms of getting a skill first, and then finding useful and interesting things to do with it. The sensible way, the best way, is to start with something worth doing, and then, moved by a strong desire to do it, get whatever skills are needed
~ Page 100 ~
The MET's Three Rs:
Make learning RELEVANT
Make learning RIGOROUS
Focus on relationships, relevance, and rigor
When a teacher loves kids, is excited about the act of teaching, and is a learner herself, THAT is when the best teaching happens
This educational concept allows our teachers to not simply be givers of knowledge-- rather they are adults who inspire the students to find their own passions and their own ways of learning and who provide support all along.
Be Passionate about Teaching!
Always remember: Every student learns differently
Can be purchased at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Big-Picture-Education-Everyones/dp/0871209713
The world is changing- Educators must too!
Be passionate
about teaching

A book review by JaNae Burger
EDUU 609
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Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
Our philosophy of one students at a time creates an atmosphere where kids worry more about failing themselves than competing with others.
Our goal is for ALL students to choose a place in life, rather than being forced into one
~ Page 76 ~
When you approach education one student at a time, you are forced to recognize, and work with, each child's individual background, native language, gender, abilities, family situation, and whatever else plays a role in their life as a learner
~ Page 76 ~
There is no "One set" of Knowledge
There are too many kinds of people and too many kinds of intelligence and ways of showing that intelligence to limit assessment to a single paper-and-pencil test.
One education does NOT fit all!

The use of standardized tests and courses is inconsistent with the new economy...
~US Secretary of Labor:
Robert B Reich, 2000
There is no reason to put education in standardized packages when our students do not come in these packages.
Performance Based
Internship skills and Activities
~Pages 34-35~
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