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08.06H Globalization: Honors Assessment

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Grace Reinders

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of 08.06H Globalization: Honors Assessment

08.06H Globalization: Honors Assessment
by Grace Reinders

Mosques, churches, and Temples can be found throughout America. This is evidence of religious globalization. America is a cultural melting pot. By allowing people practice whatever religion they want to, we are showing acceptance of other cultures.
Many foreign students come to America as Foreign exchange students. This is because the US is seen as a beacon for intellect and education. Students stay in homes with other American students. At my school there are several exchange students from Germany, Jamaica, and Syria
One example of social globalization is this picture of a McDonald's restaurant in India. This fast-food chain is American born, yet it can be found in everywhere across the globe. This introduces foreign countries to American culture.
The Great Eight is proof of global politics. They are the head government leaders of eight countries: France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada. They discuss issues that effect the whole world! They are having a peaceful meeting despite their cultural differences!
advancements in technology let us communicate better. A few years ago we didn't have social networking sites. Now I can talk to my family in Europe without making a long-distance phone call. Technological globalization helps people around the world work more efficiently. A lot of parts for our computers and phones are made in other parts of the world, like China and Japan.
is economic globalization! You've probably been switched to a phone operator in India before. This is because labor in other countries is much cheaper. The downside to outsourcing is that it takes away jobs from American citizens.
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