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The Industrial Organic Food Chain: The Right Choice For Amer

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Noah Doederlein

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The Industrial Organic Food Chain: The Right Choice For Amer

A simple enough question, but very important we can't survive without food so we have to like it. But, what food should we eat?
Why Not Healthier Food Chains?
The local sustainable and hunter-gatherer food chains can be healthier, but in the case of all America, some cannot afford spending the time or the money in these food chains.
Less Hidden Costs
The industrial organic food chain has less hidden costs of your money. In 2013 about 5% of tax dollars went towards farm subsidies. That's more than what went to the government!
Better For The Environment
The industrial organic food chain doesn't use harmful chemicals or damage the environment by farming their crops like the industrial food chain.
Choose Industrial Organic!
The industrial organic food chain is the only food chain that can accommodate all of America and is it's healthiest choice. So next time you go to buy your next meal think industrial organic!
Healthy For Our Body
Diseases and developmental problems have occurred due to the unhealthy way industrial food is made. This process is the opposite of how industrial organic food is made.
The Industrial Organic Food Chain:
The Right Choice For America

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