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mHealth: Sleep Genius tool

No description

Shampa Roy

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of mHealth: Sleep Genius tool

Sleep genius?
What sleep?
Ohnmar Khin & Shampa Roy
PH 290: mHealth
October 25, 2013
"Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic" (CDC 2013)
Sleep insufficiency can lead to accidents and occupational errors and chronic diseases
Causes include increased access to technology, hectic work schedules, sleep disorders like insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea
There's an app for that!
The Team
Team of professionals with backgrounds in neuroscience, sleep science, sound and music.
Principles and theory
What it does
Case Study
Tips and tricks
This is not the end
The End
Krishna is now in a new area (Singapore), a new land after being brought up in a Village far away from any city.

Later on he prepares and trains once, when he gets the opportunity in Singapore.
Krishna is a Superhero awaiting his next opportunity to help for good.
Let's see how it works!
Developed from neurosensory algorithms out of chronobiology and sleep research for NASA astronauts
Improves upon other 'white noise' or 'single band binaural beat' apps
sounds + rhythms = sleep
Engineered combination helps the brain signal the body to sleep
Psychoacoustic Music
Relaxes your brain allowing you to fall asleep faster using scientifically composed low frequency, low tone density, and low tempo music.
Neurosensory Algorithms
Helps you get to sleep faster by triggering a motion induced sensation in your brain like to a baby being rocked to sleep.
Binaural Beats
Keeps you asleep by training your brain to match the waveforms in the various stages of sleep. Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) and theta (4 to 8 Hz) ranges have been associated with reports of relaxed, meditative, and creative states (Hiew, 1995), and used as an aid to falling asleep.
Pink Noise
Blocks out distracting noises and relaxes you by slowing down your breath rate and heart rate.
J Theor Biol. 2012 Aug 7;306:68-72. doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.04.006. Epub 2012 Apr 25.

Pink noise: effect on complexity synchronization of brain activity and sleep consolidation.

Zhou J, Liu D, Li X, Ma J, Zhang J, Fang J.

40 subjects were recruited the group of nocturnal sleep experiment and 10 participants were chosen for nap test. Each subjects slept for two consecutive experimental periods, of which one is pink noise exposed and the other is quiet. For both nocturnal sleep and nap tests, the results in the noise exposure group showed significant enhancement in the percentage of stable sleep time compared to the control group based on the analysis of electrocardiography (ECG) signal with cardiopulmonary coupling approach. This study demonstrates that steady pink noise has significant effect on reducing brain wave complexity and inducing more stable sleep time to improve sleep quality of individuals.
J Hosp Mark Public Relations. 2008;18(2):213-9. doi: 10.1080/15390940802234263.
Healthcare performance and the effects of the binaural beats on human blood pressure and heart rate.
Carter C.
Binaural beats are the differences in two different frequencies (in the range of 30-1000 Hz). Binaural beats are played through headphones and are perceived by the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere of the brain. The brain perceives the binaural beat and resonates to its frequency (frequency following response). Once the brain is in tune with the binaural beat it produces brainwaves of that frequency altering the listener's state of mind. In this experiment, the effects of the beta and theta binaural beat on human blood pressure and pulse were studied. Using headphones, three sounds were played for 7 minutes each to 12 participants: the control,- the sound of a babbling brook (the background sound to the two binauralbeats), the beta binaural beat (20 Hz), and the theta binaural beat (7 Hz). Blood pressure and pulse were recorded before and after each sound was played. Each participant was given 2 minutes in-between each sound. The results showed that the control and the two binaural beats did not affect the 12 participant's blood pressure or pulse (p > 0.05).
A 2008 University of Dusseldorf study published in the Journal of Sleep Research reveals that memory recall is significantly boosted from power naps. Less than 30 minutes of shut-eye can improve alertness by as much as 54 percent.
Independent bloggers give high ratings for alarm and power nap features
Meet Shampa:
She is a restless sleeper, has a varied sleep schedule and doesn't wake up refreshed in the mornings. She has tried napping but wakes up groggy and never energized.
She was drawn to Sleep Genius because of its claims to fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.
Will it work?
Used for one week so far
Timed version over continuous, ~30-40 minutes
Lives with roommate so she used headphones
Used Power Nap function 4-5 times
Did not feel very strong difference in sleep quality
Preferred Revive Cycle alarm over traditional alarms
Big fan of the Power Nap cycle
Don't worry if it takes a little getting used to.
Don't go for variety.
Stick with it!
Listen in stereo.
Set volume low.
Currently available for free(!) for iPhone users (iOS 6 or higher)
Clinical trials lasting two weeks showed that Sleep Genius was 77% effective at improving sleep patterns
Rave user reviews and lots of media hype since launching
No android version currently
Other challenges:
Requires at least two weeks of regular use to be effective
Unknown health implications of having cell phone near bed
Hard to use when living with others
No consensus on level of noise needed to induce sleep
Sleep genius or not?
Use the app and decide!

Thank you!
Launched July 1, 2013
Takes advantage of hearing
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