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The Truth of Material Culture Fact or Fiction?

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Jillian Jones

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Truth of Material Culture Fact or Fiction?

The Truth of Material Culture:
History or Fiction

Jules David Prown
The Text
The Introduction of his book
"American Artifacts: Essays In American Culture"
Does this selection read like an introduction?
What about it makes it appropriate to serve as an introduction to a larger work?

The Two Approaches to Material Culture
What Are The Two Approaches To Researching Material Culture as Disscussed by Prown in the Selected Reading.
Why Study Material Culture?
Why does Prown say it is nessecary for History Students to Study Material Culture?
What Aspects of Material Culture Does Prown Disscuss?

The Study of Materail Culture Including Art
What are the pros and cons of this approach?
What does prown say about this approach? Is he in favor of this practice or no?
Which Would You Use?
Based upon the evidence that Prown presents how would you approach the study of Material Culture?
Where do you see Prown's Thesis?

What Is Prowns Theis?

Why do you feel this is Prown's Thesis?

B.A., Lafayette College, 1951
M.A., Harvard University, 1953
M.A., University of Delaware, Early American Culture, 1956
Fellowship in Winterthur Program, 1954-56
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1961
Paul Mellon Professor Emeritus, History of Art
American Art and Material Culture
Professor at Yale
Author of Five Publications
Considered to be one of "The Authorities" on Material Culture of American History.
Studying Material Culture With Out Using Art.
What arguement does Prown make for or against this practice?
What does Prown say is the good and bad of using this form of research?
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